Upcoming Meetup! Social Impact Careers and Internships

Are you interested in making a positive impact on the world? Are you interested in an internship or professional career in social justice? The Meet Up for Social Impact might be the perfect place for you to jump-start your search for internships and jobs! This will be an excellent opportunity for you to connect with employers and promote yourself for positions in their organizations.
Here are a few tips to consider ahead of the Meet Up…
  • Be prepared. Login to Pioneer Careers and view the Meet Up for Social Impact in the Events section. Not only can you register for the event here (registration is open until the 24th of October), but you can also view a list of employers that will be there. It will be important for you to conduct research on employers you are interested in speaking with. Spend time on their websites, read more about the work they are doing in news articles and press releases, do research on the specific industry that they are in. The more you know about a company when you speak with their representatives on campus, the more impressive and polished you will look! There will be more employers added as we get closer to the event, so keep checking back to make sure you stay updated on who will be there. Here’s some helpful information on how to prepare and “work” an event like this one!
  • Practice your Elevator Pitch: Engaging with employers at this meet up will not be a formal interview. Rather you will need to be prepared for a quick conversation about you and why you’re interested in their company. This conversation often starts with a statement like, “Tell me about yourself.” The answer to this question is what we call the elevator pitch. You’ll want to give them a brief overview of your academic and internship experience, perhaps what your short and long-term goals are, and why you’re interested in working for their company. An elevator pitch is not easy, and creating an effective one will take practice. Please make an appointment with a Career Advisor to work on your elevator pitch, by using our online appointment scheduling feature in Pioneer Careers or by calling 303-871-2150.
  • Be yourself. Certainly connecting with employers can be intimidating, but remember that they are people just like you and I. They are here because they want to engage with students and alumni and they have an interest in working with DU students. While it’s normal to be nervous, remember that you are here for a reason and that these organizations want to hear more about you.

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