How Does Gambling Affect Your Business?

Although often not recognized, problem gambling is a significant workforce issue.  The effects of a gambling problem almost always spill over into the workplace and can potentially disrupt the livelihood of your business.
The Marion County Health Department Prevention Services is offering free on-site training workshops for employees and supervisors for businesses in Marion County.  The training session will answer these questions and more:
Why is problem gambling a significant workforce issue?
What are the signs of problem gambling?
What causes a person to develop a gambling problem?
How will I know if one of my employees has a problem?
What can I do if I find out an employee has a problem?
How can I protect my business from the effects of problem gambling?
Training sessions can be tailored to business needs.  Visit the Marion County Health Department website at or contact Lisa Miller at 503-981-2461 or for more information.

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