NSM Students, Alumni, & Friends Come Together for Networking @ Nite!

On February 28th, students, alumni, and friends of NSM came together on the 5th floor of ECS to chat about their career goals and interests across the sciences.

Photo by Kellan Barr, Communications Manager, NSM
Alumni from a number of disciplines, including Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics, and Physics came back to campus for this exciting event. They represented an array of industries across the Denver area, from water treatment and analysis, to healthcare, and on to sustainability. The students who joined us also came from a number of majors across NSM, and they had the opportunity to network with each of our twelve volunteers for five minutes before moving on to another table. Open networking was offered for the final half hour, and it was fun to watch the participants come back together to excitedly continue conversations where they left off.
For the first hour of the night, students visited our alumni and friends both individually and in small groups. The students’ smiles as they left one table and joined another were so wonderful to see! It was a great evening that incorporated all of the fun and socialization of a networking event without the formal, frenetic energy of a career fair. Nervous energy quickly melted away as genuine connections were forged, and business cards were quickly exchanged before the end of the evening. Our alumni and friends were incredibly impressed with our NSM students’ professionalism, insightful questions, and career goals.

Photo by Kellan Barr, Communications Manager, NSM
Thank you so much to everyone – students, alumni, friends of DU, staff, and faculty – who made this event possible. We hope to bring more of our amazing, talented alumni back to DU so if you are a NSM undergraduate and you have suggestions on who you might want to meet, please share them with our office!

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