Classroom Management: Bringing Art, Music Back

Budget cuts have historically leveled arts and music programs in schools first. It’s too bad, because for many kids, art and music are two of the subjects that are favorites.
Beyond that, research has shown that art and music curriculums help kids with language development and IQ, they help students visualize elements like solving math problems, and they help improve test scores.
If your district has slashed arts and music programs, we’re sorry. But with a little outside-the-box thinking, you can use return music and art to your own classroom in creative ways. Frequent contributor Janelle Cox today outlines some easy ways that teachers can do just that.
How to Motivate Students Before Christmas
This time of year, it’s virtually impossible to know how to motivate students and keep them focused with the holidays looming in the background.
Recently we posted an article on how to motivate students before the holidays, an article which instructed educators to:
  • Make all Lessons and Activities Holiday-Oriented
  • Write about the Holidays
  • Read Festive Holiday Favorites
  • And More

How do you keep your students motivated and focused on their schoolwork and homework before Christmas break?
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