Easy Classroom Activities for Special Days in February

February is a big month for special days and themes worthy of celebrating in your class. From Groundhog Day to Valentine’s Day to Chinese New Year, it seems almost every week that there’s a unique occasion for a teacher to call out and acknowledge.
Classroom activities are a great way for educators to give a nod to all the special days this month, and today on TeachHUB.com, contributing writer Janelle Cox spells out several unique ways teachers can get kids to learn about them all. For instance, for Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on Feb. 12, Janelle encourages teachers to:
  • Read the story “Abe\’s Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln”
  • Read the story \”Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln\”
  • Have students try and come up with a Lincolnesque quote of their own

Janelle offers up a lot of original ideas today, and entrepreneurially minded educators will note that a lot of her ideas will transfer from special day to special day. For instance, Her idea about a presidential scavenger hunt can easily be altered to be a Chinese-themed scavenger hunt.
How do you celebrate these February holidays and events in your classroom? Do you have any activities or ideas that you would like to share?
How to Motivate Students to Love Math
Getting students to love any school subject can be a tricky endeavor, especially math.
Recently we published an article about how to motivate students to love math. Writer Janelle Cox called out some important tactics to do just that, including:
  • Demonstrate the Usefulness for Math in the Real World
  • Present a Reasonable Challenge
  • Entice Students with a Magical Math Problem
  • And More!

Do you know how to motivate students to love math? Do you have any tricks or tips that you would like to share?

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