Overcoming Barriers to Technology in the Classroom

It’s important to have parity in your school, and in your class, especially with regards to technology in the classroom and the use of it. The problem resides in that some classes and schools simply don’t have all the technology in the classroom resources that others do.
Today on TeachHUB.com, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, who is a seasoned elementary school educator based on the East Coast, takes a look at the barriers preventing some educators and their charges from fully realizing (and utilizing) all the technology in the classroom bells and whistles that some classrooms are enjoying.
Janelle’s barriers preventing widespread usage include:
  • Lack of Effective Training
  • Budget Constraints
  • Students’ Computing Skills
  • And More!

Janelle sums up her article thusly: “As teachers and a society, we will continue to try and dissolve the barriers to adopting ed-tech into our classrooms. As technology continues to grow, the conversations about this topic will continue. As a society in whole, we need to ensure that our children in the school system will have access to the tools that they need in order to grow their knowledge.”
What do you think is the biggest barrier to technology in the classroom? Do you and your school district face any of these issues? Please share your thoughts in the comment section, we would love to hear your thoughts.
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