By- Garima Yadav 

The establishment of lockdown in India is a big step to fight against the coronavirus. Every day the no. of deaths and patients are increasing even after the imposition of lockdown but is this what a general public demanding?  The ratio is vast between the poor and the rich and each one is facing problems in their own life. But the real problem is being faced by the minorities and the those poor people who earn daily wages to live their life but the lockdown has emerged the surviving issues for them other than just the virus. These people have the shortage of money, lifestyle, facilities and every basic need which is most important in the current situation. According to doctor it is very necessary to wash our hands regularly with soap and clean water but these minorities lack every necessity. They don’t have clean water running through their taps 24/7 nor a proper house to live in so how will these people be saved from this situation?



Government has made it so strict that every corner, every border, every highway is locked down with police in charge. There are no proper facilities available for these people to survive through this situation which will lead them to being one of the victims from this corona virus. Recently the lockdown has been extended till May 3rd and this had led the labourers of take a step out of their house. Recently a large group of migrant workers in Mumbai gathered in the streets of Bandra demanding for the permission to move to their native places because living this long is becoming harder for them each day and all they want is to back to their family and at least live the rest of the days with them, they are being helpless right now with no earnings and every day is a challenge for them. Not just in Bandra but also the workers from Ahmedabad and Surat have took the same step.

Currently they are just demanding for some transportation support from the prime minister, that’s all they need. Luckily the exportation of goods and transportation are being considered by the home minister to control the situation of living.

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