Benefits of Technology in the Classroom has long been a proponent of teachers using technology in the classroom. We have been a longstanding supporter of teachers trying new teaching strategies with the latest technological gadgetry at their disposal.
Today, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox gives us a reminder of the benefits of using technology in the classroom, including:
  • Technology in the Classroom Makes Learning More Fun
  • Technology Helps Students Learn at Their Own Pace
  • Technology Prepares Students for the Future
  • And more

Do you embrace technology in your classroom? What benefits do you think technology has for your classroom?
Restorative Justice in School Discipline
Since the invention of schools, teachers and administrators everywhere have employed the same procedures for all classroom infractions: A kid who threatened a teacher or got into a fight would basically receive the same discipline as a student with multiple tardies, for example (detentions, in-school suspensions, ultimately expulsion).
But a newer approach to school discipline called restorative justice could is revolutionizing the way teachers and administrators handle punishment. Rather than only administering punishment, restorative justice is based more on talking and listening than on delivering consequences. The technique brings together those who have caused and experienced harm and providing all parties with equal attention.
Frequent contributor Jordan Catapano enlightens readers on restorative justice, in a must-read guaranteed to make you rethink your disciplinary approach.
What is your school’s approach to restorative justice? What are the impacts that a restorative justice mentality has had on your school?
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