Fake News-a false alarm

What will happen if one morning we wake up and check our phone which will leave us bewildered with a notification of the demise of some famous personality and after few hours of feeling sad you realize that it was a fake news, that someone made a fool out of you. Think about that personality who will read the news of his own demise , such a strange thing right? The new digital era with modern technology has unleashed many unwanted and false practices which is affecting the individuals interpret daily developments. Now this thing leaves me in a state that whether I should watch news or read news articles or just leave everything and be unaware about the facts happening around me. Let me share some of the instances where I felt that fake news is becoming a threat to people. During this time of COVID-19, where the world is suffering from a painful time , people are still spreading fake news. They are giving false information about the number of corona cases rising in India and how the nation is in a dreadful situation with fear and suffrage. https://www.firstpost.com/tag/fake-news Second incident is from CBSE where the people were spreading rumors about the board examination of 10th&12th class. Students were confused with the dates and whether the examination will take place or not, this situation was no less than a terror for them because they were not sure with the dates and evaluation. But now the things have been settled and CBSE has warned against the fake news. https://scroll.in/announcements/958428/cbse-warns-against-fake-news-regarding-2020-board-exams There are many more examples which has threatened people and made a disbelief in media, where the people are in no state whether to believe the media or not. One of the major reasons why fake news is such a threat is the increasing difficulty for readers to identify the legitimacy of wake news websites. People are trusting blindly on everything , they are not checking the facts or they are not able to make a difference between a fabricated news or a real piece of news article. The fabricated news is creating a negative impact on the people and making the situation much more worse and entangled. This is a growing debate on how to address these issues without undermining the benefits of digital media. We should be aware about every digital platform before using it. Government should take preventive measures to combat this problem and come up with a solution so that people can actually rely on real news. Government should promote news literacy and strong professional journalism in the society.The media should work really hard in developing a real piece of news without fabricating it. Tech companies should come up with apps or other tools that can identify fake news in seconds and individuals should follow some guidelines or check the facts before believing in a news article. I will conclude this article with a quote of Abraham Lincoln “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet just because there’s a picture with a quote next to it.”

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