Some say, that it is Artificial Intelligence that will cause the next Big Bang, vanquishing the entire human race. Another pose is that technology has resulted in our mind losing its power to think. Well, let’s ask ourselves a question-“What defines a human?” A human is defined through various characteristics, […]

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आज़ादी के खातिर – त्रिलोक कुमार

खून खौल जाता हैजब देश का कोई अपमान करे, खून खौल जाता हैजब वीरो का कोई न  सम्मान करे, बहुतो ने आज़ादी के खातिरअपना लघु बहाया है कितनो ने फासी को चूमाकितनो ने गोली खाया है, तब जाके हमने ये चैन के निंद पाया हैहम कदर करे उन वीरो काहम […]

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How to use Groww? Create Demat account in Groww App

Groww is an investing platform for investors. Groww provides many options to invest in. You can invest in stocks, mutual funds, gold bonds, and IPOs. Groww is available on android devices, ios devices, and also available as a web application. Groww is owned by Nextbillion Technology, headquarters at Bangalore, Karnataka, […]

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