Should we use a smartphone?

Mobile is the essential thing nowadays, we all know that food, clothes, and shelter these are the basic requirement of the human cycle, however, in this cycle human added mobile phone as a basic need, because of the advancement of the technology, furthermore, majority people on earth have own smartphone from old age people to a small child have it.

in modern times, no one can live without a cellphone, people forget to eat and take care of their child, but never lost or forget their phone. According to the article which was published by Global System for Mobile Communications, in that post, they declared the ratio of cellphone user around the globe, and the ratio is 5.13 billion people have owned a mobile phone, and the ratio is increasing day by day. from around the globe, many companies like GSMA have an eye on the users and what they surf on the cellphone and how much time people spent on it in the day.

As we all know that without the internet, mobile is like empty and codless phone, which our grandparents use at their young age, we can find each and everything on the internet, whenever we stuck any were in education or on the place at the time mobile phone help us, by finding the solution, google has all answer of the question, which we have in our mind, just we have to ask to google and it displays on the screen, and the speed is like no one can beat it.


Here are some advantages of using a smartphone:

1) Communication: with the help of a cellphone one can connect themselves with others ever living far distance with the help of audio as well as video call.

2) Social media: in the age of social media, the whole world is like a small global village, people can share a post, communicate by messaging, and displaying the timeline, many time people make their friends online, chat with them and enjoy the company and never get bored in free time.

3) Daily News: on the mobile phone there are many news applications, where we are connected to the things happening around the world, we can find news regarding sports, politician, current affairs, daily stories, and we also get pop-up notification daily morning and a whole day, so we do not have to turn on the television and change the channels.

4) Photography: with the help of mobile phone all youngster becomes the photographer, additionally, mobile companies also focus and endorse the features of the camera with high resolution, which capture the important and long life memories, whenever people see in future they can recognize well.

5) Online services: nowadays each and every item available online on our phone, by playing games on can earn money, on can maintain their financial balance, banking also be done online, shopping, booking a ticket for holidays, and ordering food. and these all things can be done by just tapping on the screen.

6) Education: Parents and children can learn many things online from anywhere and every ware at any place and the choices of times is according to us. in the situation like COVID-19 we can see that all classes held online even student who studied in 6th grade they also have online classes on that way it will help us.

If we consider the downside of mobile phone:

1) when people use a mobile high rate then they may be addicted to the cell phone they never left this addiction and it will affect the time and health like insomnia.

2) If people use a smartphone till late night, they will not gonna have proper sleep and rest, so,it will harm full for their eyesight

3) sometimes people use a phone for the whole day, they will miss the outdoor fun with friends, or if they are in the home, they will miss the quality time with there family, and it will lead to the communication gap between family members.

4) whenever we use the smartphone touch screen, there may behave millions of micro germs, and when we use those hands while eating, it will spread in the whole body and our body might be infected.

Every people, know the famous personality steve jobs, the owner of the Application company. in the year 2011, the new york times published the interview of the MR.steve and he told that “he prohibited his kids from using the newly launched IPad and other product” and he also limited the technology in his house. he also told, ” he knows that he made monster in the form of Apple product”. Furthermore, Bill Gates also said in the public press “he never allows their child to use the smartphone until the child becomes over 14 years old.

So, by taking motivation from those two legends parents should restrict the usage of mobile phone at their home.

thanks for reading.