Women Empowerment

“Women don’t have to choose between career and motherhood. We can have it all. Its very important to understand and believe that you’re equal. Equality is about equal opportunities, mutual and equal respect. Empowerment comes from within.” – Indian professional tennis player, Sania Mirza

Women empowerment is empowering women to take their own decisions for their personal development and making them capable of deciding for themselves. It also acquires a point of view that women are as equal as men. Empowered women can exert power to shape their families ,communities and society ,hence women empowerment is very important to elevate women.

According to estimates from the World Health Organisation, approximately 35% of all women around the world have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime . That is 1 in every 3. Millions of girls are subjected to abuse, child labor, sex trafficking, child marriage and other offenses. Several women and girls continue to shoulder the burden of poverty. Also there are numerous reports about women being subjecting to domestic violence and gender inequality. Sexual assault, abuse, rape is far more common than people like to believe. This has to end . Women empowerment is need of the hour. Hence, we have to find ways ,we as citizens of the world, can empower women.

1.Women economic empowerment is very important. Everyone should teach their girl child with good moral values and higher education. There is a need to give priority to a girl’s education and the their economic empowerment is the key to achieving their full potential and giving voices to women who have been repressed for ages.

2.Celebrate other women.We should learn to celebrate other people’s success and accomplishments and and hence, I feel it is encouraging to celebrate women who support each other especially as a women community. Lets appreciate women who inspires others, lift women up and celebrate each other’s victories.

3.Its important to Listen to women and hear their stories. Listen to them when they open up. It takes a lot of support and healing to brave enough to share their horrific and life changing experiences . Support each other and make sure that you are here for them .

4.”No one is born ugly, we’re just born in a judgmental society.”-South Korean songwriter and rapper, Kim Namjoon There is so much pressure by society for to fit into the unrealistic beauty expectations of women. We must strongly advocate for the eradication of the unrealistic beauty standards and other societal expectations that are leading our people into deep mental health issues. May we truly become the women we aspire to be .

Women have a right to play an equal part in our society- planning and decision-making. It is important to know ourselves and our self-worth.But there can be no equality or empowerment when there’s fear, violence and control. We must commit to keep raising awareness on women and girls rights and issues through peer education, empowerment and community engagement. It’s to start making and leaving a mark on our generation and for our future generations.

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