Benefits of waking up early

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”, a very famous quote by Benjamin Franklin which I am sure we all have heard of but most of the people do not apply this in real life. Amid lockdown and with comparatively less work to do, our bodies do not feel tired enough to sleep early. But once you start waking up early and following an organised sleep schedule, your body will feel good, your mood will be better and people around you will be able to sense it.

After talking to a few teenagers, it was seen that almost everyone’s sleep schedule has been poor. Usually people are awake until 5 am and it is their normal routine pattern these days. 

The main reason for sleeping late is the inactivity in the body. As everyone has been home, we do not do much physical activity and our bodies do not feel tired enough to doze off early at night. Another reason is the constant use of the phone all night where time passes so quickly. Before they notice or feel sleepy, it is 5 am. 


Here are a few health benefits of going to sleep on time and waking up early-

  1. Body feels fresh and energetic: Once you start waking up early you will have an immense sense of pleasure. It makes the body feel fresh and energetic and you will not feel lazy instead you will be full of energy. You will also feel happier and healthier as your body is more alert in the morning. 
  2. More organised schedule: Waking up early will make your schedule more organised and you will have a positive outlook towards your day and everyone around you. It is healthy to have an organised schedule as you will have more time in the day and you can be more productive. 
  3. Healthy eating: When you wake up early, you will have time for breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day that no one should miss. Once you have your breakfast on time, you will automatically have rest of your meals on time too. Eating healthy and eating on time is essential for a good and healthy body. 
  4. Morning is comparatively more peaceful, bright and positive: Many people prefer fewer distractions while working, waking up early and doing your work is a good way as mornings are peaceful, calm and distraction free. 
  5. More productivity: When you wake up early, your day feels big, meaning more time to do things. You can also take out time for things you thought you did not have time for. You can work on yourself by doing some exercise, as you have time extra now. Exercising also makes your body healthy and keeps you fit. 
  6. Mind feels healthy: It is important for our body as well as our mind to sleep and wake up on time. Once you try waking up on time. You will notice your mind feels healthy and you will automatically refrain yourself from negativity.