COVID-19 has halted all the productive sectors of economy resulting in financial imbalance. However, a unique sector that has emotions of our kids attached to it is their school, where they prepare themselves for the future. The teachers too have been forced to stay away from the school due to COVID-19 outbreak.

We have been hearing that government is providing some financial relief to certain sector. However, there is a necessity to provide some relief to the education sector too. Many educational institutes have taken loan to cater for variety of courses of instructions. The teachers of private and public educational institutes require support of the government, so that they can survive this tough phase. All the educational institutes and the staff working there needs to be supported financially for the time being.

We should ensure a respectful and dignified life for the teachers and support them to be stable and stay cheerful so that they develop the patience required to conduct the online classes for a longer period. A committee of educationist can be set up to look in to the concept of providing insurance cover against the Coronavirus to the school staff and the students. The government can include the public and private education sector in the list of sectors requiring economical support. Education sector has suffered financially and emotionally too.

A minimum financial help can be provided to all the teachers belonging to private sector on priority as it is a fact that they have not received their salaries since lock down was imposed from the month of March 2020.The plight of private school teachers has increased as these schools are totally dependent on fees from the parents.The management running the schools can support the teachers and hold their hands during this period of financial and health related crisis caused due to spread of Coronavirus.

The policies to hire and retain the teachers needs to be strengthened and redefined in the light of certain evil practices of hiring that are in vogue and have been in practiced. Such practices go unchecked specifically in the private hiring of the teachers. Hiring agencies are providing teachers to educational institutes at times overlooking all the laid down rules by the government. Though the efforts of private schools is commendable in contributing positively towards the growth of the students and in turn that of the society, certain scope of improvement in terms of treating teachers with respect exists. As a onetime special case some financial support can definitely be extended to the teachers so that they can support themselves during this uncertain lock downs due to COVID-19 spread.

A complete redefining of education sector can be done and many issues or evil practices that have intruded the system can be resolved and a new energy can be given to education sector for its revival. All the stakeholders need to accept the change for the betterment of students. The government has a greater role to play in this scenario and should come up with flexible policies for the revival of the education industry that can include granting subsidy to the educational institutes and extending some financial help to the teachers. The risk of COVID-19 is still there in the environment. We all have to treat this situation as an opportunity to learn.