MS DHONI – a man with a dream

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.”

Born in small town of Ranchi,Jharkhand coming from a lower middle class family to becoming a legend in the field of cricket and staying in hearts of billions of people carving his own path of success with gaining the title of captain cool. His journey inspires a lot of people and I am one of them . starting with an accidental adventure in field of cricket ,he has faced all the failures but one thing that remained constant was his determination and the never give up attitude that led him to what he is today. An everyday man who went on to be popularly known as the ‘Captain Cool’ is none other than our very own former Indian Men’s (ODI & T20Is) Cricket Team Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni or simply known as Dhoni.

His cricket journey started when he was in his school in his football team  and his coach asked to do wicket keeping that’s where he impressed everyone with his wicket keeping skills and secured his position in  commando cricket club for 3 years and selected for Vinoo Mankad Trophy under 16 during 1997-1998. Well his journey to be a part of Indian cricket team wasn’t that easy for him, after playing cricket at district and state level, he worked as a train ticket examiner at Khargpur railway station in West Bengal to financially support his family. But the young man always had a bigger vision and wanted to achieve more , he saw a dream, which many feared to see.

He made his debut in Ranji Trophy for Bihar in year 1999-2000 and played for three years. Seeing his excellent performance in Ranji Trophy, TRDO officer Prakash Poddar was attracted towards his performance and later sent a report to national cricket academy regarding his performance.  Finally his struggle and hardwork payed off and he was selected for India A squad for a tour of Zimbabwe and scored back to back centuries.


After delivering good performance in India A team he was selected in ODI squad for Bangladesh tour in 2004-2005  and was also picked for Pakistan series. Though his initial matches were not a great success.

His turning point came with Sri Lanka bilateral ODI series in 2005 where India  had to made 299 runs among which Dhoni made 183 runs finally winning the game for India. Due to his consistent performance in later ODI’s, Dhoni overtook Ricky Ponting and  became number 1 in ICC ODI ranking for batsmen in 2006.

There are many inspiring lessons that the sportsman has taught us about life. He loved the sport and he wanted to chase his passion. He taught us to dream big and not get satisfied with small joys of life. He is a wonderful human, who was always up for absorbing new learning from his peers. He never hesitates to appreciate the outstanding work of others. He never lost hope and put in extra effort to fulfill his dream.


Dhoni was not only known for his cricket but was also very popular for his lengthy wavy hair style. In fact, it had then become a trend in those days that every boy in the country now wanted to adorn the “Dhoni Hairstyle”.

In 2007, he led the team a whopping victory in ICC T-20 World Cup. He continues to inspire the younger generation with his brilliant captaincy, and out of the box thinking.

MS Dhoni is India’s only two-time World Cup winning captain, leading the team to victory on two occasions which involved two different format. He led a young Indian team to the first ever T20 World Cup victory in South Africa in 2007. Dhoni then led India to their second ODI World Cup victory in 2011.

He is arguably one of the best captains in the history of not just Indian cricket but also world cricket. The miracles he has done on the cricket field makes everyone wonder if he really is a human.

His cricket acumen is so accurate that people believe if Dhoni gives someone out on the field then his team starts celebrating without waiting for 3rd umpire. People started referring the DRS  not as Decision Review System but as Dhoni Review System. His lightning fast stumpings are viewers delight. He has taught us that no situation, however bad can be fought through and defeated. The only Indian captain with over 100 wins in ODI’s, the next best captain after Ricky Ponting with 11 consecutive wins in world cup matches.

He is a phenomenal cricketer and a legend, and  because of him I became a cricket lover. I bet no Indian can ever forget the line – “INDIA LIVES THE WORLDCUP ONCE AGAIN AFTER 28 YEARS” right after his six. He served his nation for 15 years. Dhoni is the most successful captain of India who has won two ICC cricket world Cups for the country.

The person behind the stumps, the cricketer who held is calm and takes his team to victory in immense pressure – famous as captain cool. The man who went on to become one of the most agile wicket keeper in modern limited overs in international cricket , right handed batsman , a magnificent  finisher , absolute fighter and the person who have billions of hearts attached


  • Cleary, Dhoni got a special preference for the number as his India shirt also has number 7
  • M.S. Dhoni was born on July 7, 1981. The year 2007 is strikingly significant for such people. No wonder he was won the World T20 Championship that year.
  • The name ‘M.S.Dhoni’ carries 7 characters!
  • India won the final (World T20) when Dhoni was 26 years and 80 days old. The age adds up to 7! (26+80=106). NO.7 will always be in everyone’s heart .

MS Dhoni has been an asset in the Indian cricket team and he has a fan following across the world. When he is in a room full of people, his presence is felt and he is a humble man. He is the man, who never hesitates to improvise. He always improvised his game and never let a failure get to him. This is a true story and it has inspired many! If you have a dream or passion, you should go after it and achieve it. There will be obstacles but life is not easy. Once you go after your dreams, the universe will find a way for you to achieve it.

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