Re-evolution 2020?

Why did I end up keeping a question mark at the end of the title? Is it in order to start my introduction with a question mark by questioning the title or which made me to write this sentence. The answer to this question is a question. Indian Education Future turns out to be a question mark and remains to be question for more far. Our future lies in the past and the past remained as a past and hence future will remain as a future. Past shouldn’t be past in order to make future as a future. Past should change so that our future will not change. Our children’s future can be ours but theirs shouldn’t be theirs which will be cycle and makes the future to be seen only in future’s future.

The change to change the educational system should change which is only possible by changing the mind sets of unchanged. This is only possible by changing the methods of bringing the awareness. Education is the only weapon which can change the change(money) of the unchanged.” Uneducated should be treated as a criminal and illiteracy must be treated as a crime which is the only way to increase the literacy rates”. Education should be mandatory which makes them to read since the only option left to them is it. Fear is the thing which wemake them to feel and the rest is automatically done. Fear for benefit will benefit the society. Before they overcome this fear at least they could have finished secondary education. As soon as they realise it, we make them to understand the importance of education. “If you can’t love to study, fear will make it so”. The feelings are different but the feeling is same. To make the future possible we should take action in the present.

Revolutionary decisions must be made in order to bring a revolution else the only thing we hear about it is “sun is revolving around the sun”.The harsh decisions that you take will make them hard and in turn shine like a diamond. Education can bring the change and in turn make the change like a unbreakable chain. If good has to happen then making bad decisions to make it is not at all a bad decision. Severe tax should be impelled on the parents who are not willing to send their children for the study and that tax will be utilised for the education of that child.