Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse is one of biggest problems the world faces today. It is not only a personal problem that dramatically affects people’s lives, but is a major social problem that affects society as whole.

Drug abuse is mainly caused by rapid social, economic and technological changes which under certain circumstances, weaken the sense of family and reduce the sense of belonging to other people, groups and places. Stability of relationships, environment and expectations is a powerful force in helping people manage their lives, especially important for children and young adults. In some societies, the classical problem of balancing discipline and control of children with nurturing support to encourage their exploration, understanding of the world and self-realization may be complicated by substance abuse problems as well as a wide range of other conditions. Alcohol abuse and other substance abuse have been studied among family members. It is well known that having biological relatives with alcoholism increases the risk in individuals for alcohol problems. Persons who are heavy users of alcohol or other drugs may show psychiatric symptoms such as depression, severe anxiety etc. 

The most widely used addictive substances include alcohol and tobacco which are harmful causing extensive damage to the individual mind and body along with other diseases. All of these substances have several important characteristics in common as alter the function of the human brain and have an impact on behavior . Despite this, they are widely used throughout the world and they burden society by increasing social and economic costs for productive enterprises .

Drug addiction is difficult to treat as it is a chronic disease and requires intense, on-going care and is a long term process. Treatments such as behavioral counselling, medication , medical devices and application used to treat withdrawal symptoms and also treatment for mental health issues like depression and anxiety are the various ways to overcome drug addiction and stay drug-free.

Concerning alcohol, it remains one of the most widely used addictive substance with alcohol abuse being considered to be an age old problem. Alcoholism is the reflection of socio-cultural factors of an individual and sometimes society as a whole. For may people, this is a part of their daily life. People who have been drinking excess amounts of alcohol for longer periods of time come under the category of alcohol abuse. These people put themselves in the risk of developing serious and persistent changes in various organs including the brain. The effect of alcohol on the organs may be direct or indirect depending upon the general health status of the person. The studies have suggested that the brain functions are affected due to the interaction of alcohol with multiple neurotransmitter systems. Alcohol abuse also leads to different nutritional deficiencies and diseases as alcoholic people suffer from vitamins and minerals deficiencies. Also alcohol has been found to be associated with diseases like tumors, cancers, numerous digestive diseases and other conditions. 

Both alcohol and drug abuse requires a global approach, given their serious consequences to the social , professional and personal environment of the individuals and the society. Hence it is necessary to educate all individuals and spread awareness among people about the realities of addiction for a better society and for improving the lives of millions worldwide.

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