Is the ocean is safe nowadays?

As we all know that the whole earth is divided into two parts land and ocean, on earth around 70.9% of the water, and only 29.1% of the land. however, the ocean gives many things and it means a lot to us, it gives water, food, medicine, and the least goes on. the human also takes advantage of it.

However, nowadays the ocean is in danger because of the pollution and human traffic in the water, big industry and factories also omit their chemicals and wast, due to these the marine life are in danger and some spices are in endanger and many times the oil ship crash in the middle of the ocean and because of the oil spill, the fishes and other creatures do not breath properly and lost there life. many oil industry also plant their plants in the middle of the ocean and because of carelessness these happened,gettyimages-98736482

However, the prestige oil spill happened near the coastline of Galicia, Spain. this was caused by the sinking of the 26-year-old ship in November 2002, which was carried around 70,000 tons of heavy fuel and this accident happened because of heavy Strome. Due to this accident,


The area was totally covered with dead oil-coated coral reefs and many species of sharks and birds, and the fishing industry. but the government also took action to save the ocean and many organization also support and pay the fund to the government, within a two week the ocean was clean and look great as it was.

furthermore, we celebrate world oceans day every year on 8 June, what do you know about this day?

this concept of the day firstly proposed by Canada’s international center for oven development and the ocean institute of Canada in 1992 at the earth summit, and this conformance regarding environment and development held in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. the day marked in a variety of ways, including launching new campaigns and initiatives, special events at aquariums, and 2005. On that day, people celebrate by cleaning water, beaches, and feeding food to the ocean animals, hence famous influencers and celebrities give a speech on social media and share short movies regarding ocean life on the silver screen, because of this people nowadays, are more aware compared to the past.

in years between 2002 to 2008 dozens of things happened like the first-ever website launched   “”, to promote and give guidance to the people, who wont to do something to make ocean pollution-free and they also share the timeline and events happened around the world, and in 2004 the ocean project launched by the united nation to officially recognization  8 June as world ocean day, in 2008 united nation also made lows to reduce the pollution in the ocean.

we should take steps against those people who pollute the mother nature and we stop them or complain in government departments regarding their work and actions, and the government also take down those industries which spread chemicals in the water.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”