How to deal with a break-up.

1. Say yes to every social invitation.
the experience of accepting those invitations will not allow you to create new friendships but also remind yourself that you can be single without being alone.

2. Rebuild your self esteem.
after breakup, it is very very common to start making a party of physical appearance and personality traits, common to start having second thoughts about the self esteem about yourself, question in what areas you are like in that cause the breakup. Instead focus on what really value in yourself and what qualities you brought to the relationship.

3.Let go of the idea of closure.
one thing you need to understand is that underneath the desperate need foreclosure is a desired to get back together. If the other person isn’t able to tell you why they no longer want to be with you tell yourself that the fact that your former partner couldn’t commit, or didn’t love you enough, is all the explanation you need to properly closed that chapter.

4.Avoid having a rebound.
when you make impulse decisions, like jumping head first into another relationship. It means you are trying to find a way to avoid feeling hurt.Instead, let yourself acknowledge the pain and understand that being a responsible person means dealing with it. Be willing to get into the pain.

5. Try new places.
once a week find a coffee shop or restaurant you ever been to and invite at least one friend to go with you. Because I am speaking this from my own perspective family places bring back memories. Though do the person I am with right now gives only the best memories of my life for now but 8 this will help to break up your usual routine and get away from the places that you would always go to with your former partner.

I want save these were the things that I took to get out of that face because what happened with me was very different with what should happen to you everyone’s experience differs so I won’t say this was what I went to understood what I did but this is a very general idea that what a person should do to you know this get out of that phase. But what I did back when will be a story for a different time but for now I am really really happy with the person I am with.
So that’s it for this.
Ciao for now.

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