Master plan of China- DISCLOSED!!!

The life after the pandemic situation will not be normal again as this pandemic situation is also not normal.

Knowingly or unknowingly the virus developed in China (according to news) created the biggest impact in the health and economic sector of the world. Nobody knows how much time will it take to come out completely from this pandemic situation. China with the most power in terms of technology and population might have a master plan to be executed in the name of Novel Corona virus by supplying the goods of medical department and further other essential commodities which might be needed by the people in the near future to the world and soon they will earn billions of dollar by supplying it to the world. So, again now world will depend more on China than before.



We as a responsible citizen of India, need to stop the master plan of China as in the near future it will harm us very very badly. Let us understand by an example, India is surrounded by countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri lanka, Nepal this all countries have taken huge amount of money from China like wise Pakistan took huge money from China to develop a road passing from the mountain, so now Pakistan is in debt to pay the money and in return China can do anything to gain the money back. Pakistan took more money from China than from IMF, and has to pay around 19 billion US$, which will be extremely hard for Pakistan. In the same way Sri lanka owes 1.4 billion US$ which is left over from from 99 years and now China will ask for payback or will capture the Sri lanka. Bangladesh debt for 64.9 billion US$. India is also in debt of paying to China, but China will not capture India first it will first capture our surrounding countries and than head towards India. So, we need to become very attentive towards each step of China and understand their activity, we also need to stop buying Chinese goods to save our country and instead go for Made In India goods. JAY HIND…