What makes someone to write something in a blog rather than writing somewhere¿?

Is Introduction compulsory in every introduction,Is it so¿?If so why did I undo it ¿?Is it to make my Blog writing to look unique¿? If not then why am I mentioning it as unique.Do people who are unique will try to prove them as unique in such an ordinary way¿?To answer such questions would it be necessary to give a glance to this post¿?

What makes someone to write something? Does this happen sometime? To answer this I am questioning myself. Before giving a glance to my writing, you too should pose this question to yourself if at all you have something to write up somewhere sometime or  the other time. People who have a thought of giving a thought about my thought should give a thought. People who wanna write a blog are categorized as follows:(I don’t know whether the blog could be also written in this way…I think the blogger have the rights to write the way he likes)

Type 1: people write about something they think they know(but actually not).They are in a urge to share the information (not the actual information but the information that they knew about something)that they had got it somewhere so that the other peers could know that this guy got something or this guy is something..The fact is that the guy is “SOMEONE who knew SOMETHING”, something only not the whole thing.

Type 2:People wanna write because people write. He writes because she does. This is true because people can’t take it the fact If he or she does why can’t I,Is it good. It is really good if someone tries to write something because of someone then it’s something.But we can’t neglect the fact that he only writes because he only wanted to write not because he wanted to write.They only write to write. Think about your category. If you not belong anywhere then you should  go somewhere because this isn’t your place.

Type 3:Why can’t people be calm about something they knew?If they knew then they better keep themselves rather than telling the whole world? Does this make something to them if someone gonna know that he or she knew something that no one around us never knew it’s existence. Being calm resists your knowledge to yourself so that no one will ever knew what I knew. Knowing the things and keeping it unknown will be known someday or the other. So they will try to take the knowing by revealing the things only in order to reveal and make sure that he had revealed. Telling the things that doesn’t really matter a much rather than telling the actual thing only in order to make us believe that they too had told. Isn’t it good to be jealous of knowledge?It’s good but not faking the knowledge and writing fake blogs to spread the non existence.

Type 4: They knew nothing and act like that the world is running because of them. It is easy to identify such people because their population is more (or) less more. They try to copy or modify the blog and they make us believe that the blog they copied from will become the copier.They think they are smart because they are only thinking to be smart rather than being smart.

        Leave a comment about my category. Do I belong to any of these.If so I may belong to any one of the category,then how could I know about the other categories. Do I belong NOWHERE or only for NOW-HERE?