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Is really humanity is left is this world? This is the question that is there in mind because seeing around the world it seems like now humanity is left just in words. When we hear a news like an incident in Kerala it just seems like where we are today are we in our dreams where we are not got effected by our pain , just running in this world  behind the frame, pride and especially money.

Are we really lost in this world? Are we really getting caught in this world’s rattrap? Where everybody just competing for its place in this world but just tell me one thing. Are we humans alone in this planet? Are we only responsible to take forward the earth or we needs other creatures to maintain and to balance this ecosystem? I think we all know the answer of all these questions.

If a person needs both oxygen and water as crucial things to survive in this beautiful world likewise our mother nature also requires humans as well as animals and trees to maintain an ecosystem balance. Like the incident happened in Kerala with the pregnant mother elephant there are many incident taking place all around the world with the innocent animals and we humans are only responsible for it.

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Just imagine a condition that a human mother is pregnant and if by the case the animals attack that lady so what we call that animal, what we will do with that animal and the sure answer is that almost 90 percent people will kill that animal calling her demon. Now you only think that are we people should not be called as demon and instead of killing that human or harming the human community that innocent lady elephant went to the water and taken its last breath in silence.

If any human were in her place he/ she should have taken the world in its head. See the difference between a humans and a animal, Remember it the same community which you all enjoy eating, remember that fish , she belongs to the same community she is the one who you catch first from the water bodies then fry her and then enjoy in your plate, remember that hen, remember the other creatures you all have enjoyed eating.

Are they not innocent? What was their crime, this that they are the small creatures and you are the humans, who always takes everything in granted, what was their crime? This that they are weak and you are strong. This was their crime? The right answer is that you all are just blank, completely blank hearing these questions. Are we have not got enough things to eat or is our mother nature is not able to fulfil the requirements of these greedy humans because these humans can kill the innocent animals just for their fun.

Credit: Third Party Reference

After that incident I have seen and heard many people’s just shouting for the justice of that innocent lady elephant, writing articles, putting stories for the justice without realising their own activities. Out of all who want to give justice to that innocent lady elephant, 90 percent are non-vegetarian; they enjoyed having those innocent animals in their plate. Are they not the criminals of all those innocent animals which they have enjoyed eating in their plates? Who have given them right to shout for other persons punishment.

I say that the person who has committed the Kerala’s incident should get the strict punishment but the other peoples should also realise that where they are today? There where they want innocent animals to survive, they kill other innocent animals so that they can live happily and can enjoy non-vegan meals. It’s the not the topic to debate it’s the topic to think from your inner self that are you not the criminals of many of those innocent animals? Sit in silence and think and the right answer will come from your inner self. Just sit and think and if your answer is not “Live and Let Live”. So I don’t know where you are? And who you are? Human or……..     

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