“Post Corona life – Better or Worse”?

Nature and its power is above the ability of humans to understand. Nature has shown it’s divine power at regular intervals of time and shown how helpless man becomes at a point of such calamities. Man has been destroying nature for its own good, cutting trees, polluting water and air, cutting down mountains and a number of endless tasks which has led our earth down and the quality of lifestyle in it. To make a balance and have an apt quality of the environment, nature has also stepped up in a number of ways, and who’s after effects have not always been in the favour of mankind. In present scenario also,we have encountered a natural pandemic which has challenged the mankind and has brought in the lifestyle of humans. This natural pandemic is “Covid-19”.This started around Nov-19 and is still in action with affecting the life of people all around the world. 

But the main question which surely comes to the mind of each individual is that “how would be the life of normal people after this pandemic gets over, how will this transform their life and what mere changes should probably we would encounter in our life”. 

So there are pros and cons of each and every thing which do exist on this planet. We might be blaming this pandemic as the way it has affected our life, but surely after this time period positive changes or some changes would definitely be seen in human lifestyle.

So the positive changes which could be seen in the day today routine of man could be :

  1. More investment would be done in the health sector, so as to fight such kind of pandemic in future. 
  2. More buildings especially for hospitals and colleges of medical would be seen , thus would increase the employability but not initially. 
  3. More R&D would be conducted in the field of medical science and better and efficient medical equipment would be seen. 
  4. A new work culture would be seen, like from home. This could definitely be better as people would be free to work at their own flexibility and also pollution would seem to reduce. 
  5. Harm to animals will surely seem to decrease and such awareness campaigns , highlighting care of every living being would definitely bring out the harmony between people. 
  6. Many more facilities and positive outcomes would be available to see after this pandemic gets totally over. 

But with the good, accompany bad, so bad outcomes of this could be:

  1. Initial loss to the economy, which may take time to recover. 
  2. People may not be able to get over this fact psychologically and will impact their way of interaction with others. 
  3. Loss of jobs of many individuals around the globe would be seen significantly. 
  4. Tourism and other industries related to these would definitely see a downfall. 

“So there would be harder times, and people would have to face hardships, but they still need to believe in humanity and fight against such pandemic in future with hand in hand and not against each other but with the essence of togetherness, brotherhood , empathy and compassion”

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