Importance of Career Counseling

After important milestones in education all folks faces this question ‘what next’ after class 10th, after class 12th and after graduation. Career counseling can help altogether the main milestones in one’s career. Firstly, to make a decision a stream and subject combinations, to make a decision the graduation course, and then, to make a decision the post graduation and career option

In school a helpless 16 year old is faced with the selection of varied streams – Humanities, Science with mathematics, science with biology and Commerce, and therefore the only career guidance he has is the opinion of his parents, his teacher’s judgment based on his marks and the comments of his friends and neighbors. A class 11th -12th student together with his subject combinations is flooded with agencies providing various entrance preparation and colleges luring his / her attention. What help he has parents, teachers and admission counselors whose only job is to put the scholar in college and course where they’re going to get commission. A graduate who is doing the course because the oldsters wants him/ her to try to to it or he wasn’t sure of the other and thus is doing the course is also confused about career choices.

We strive to form a progressive world today, where technologies are booming there are many opportunities with various fields where one can make a far better career so guidance provides guidance to an individual to possess a transparent glimpse on what to pursue and the way much duration it takes to finish the course and costs .In today’s world there are also multiple career choices starting from medicine to mass communications, engineering to event management, marine biology to information technology, culinary arts to music.

Choosing a field of study that’s not really suited to your interests or skills could prove disastrous. And that’s where career counseling comes in.

How career counseling works?

Career Counseling involves scientifically developed aptitude tests and personality tests that helps a career counselor give the simplest suited career advice to the scholar supported his report of his aptitude and personality. Human capacities are infinite and may never be measured, nor are we to gauge of what one can do. Every person has unique characteristics, for everybody has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. The key is to identify these unique qualities is through Psychometric Test and career counseling.

What does career counseling offer?

Making an Informed Choice to Choose a Career

Career counseling sessions helps the students to know the pros and cons of the different streams, courses and educational options and the career path it offers, thus the students can make an informed choice, and obtain a career assessment that helps avoid the danger of change in career path later in life. The importance of pinpointing the work cut out for every person can only be gauged when one sees the agony of utmost job misfits. So a career counseling and guidance is needed to help organize ones thoughts and ideas on career related decisions. It can boost the morale and confidence and provides new directions to the scholars which can be beneficial for the entire society. Career counseling helps students discover their true potential and interest in various subjects so as to assist them choose the proper career. Several institutes, including schools and colleges, today offer guidance through a series of aptitude and IQ tests. The tests usually have multiple-choice questions, which don’t got to be prepared for in any way.

Guidance to students

Career counseling is that the guidance given to a student on the road he/she should fancy achieve his/her goals. The advice and counseling provided is predicated on three deciding factors — personality, aptitude and interest.

No confusions

Friends and family can fairly often provide incorrect guidance because their parameters of judging a career choice might differ. A counselor is objective while giving guidance, with no considerations aside from aptitude and interest.

Job Satisfaction

Choosing a career that matches one’s aptitude and personality itself translates into professional success and recognition . The main aim of guidance is to assist students choose a field that’s in tune with their skills and their job expectations. Thus, with the assistance of guidance , most candidates find yourself choosing the proper career, and perform their utmost , which ultimately helps them succeed.

Though not many faculties in India give guidance to students, if your school doesn’t provide you professional counselors, you’ll always seek the assistance of independent counselors. It is always better to hunt professional guidance instead of choose something that the entire herd goes for.

Challenges Associated with Career Counseling

Encouraging Parents and students to take part in counseling is very difficult as people still have a perception that it is time-consuming.

For example in India, there are still 60% of individuals who don’t take career advice 70% of individuals under 14 say they need had no careers advice while 45% of people over 14 have had no or very poor/limited advice.

Over the previous couple of years, there has been a rise within the number of scholars choosing courses aside from engineering. While this is often a positive sign, there’s no doubting the very fact that engineering still remains a dominant choice of scholars pursuing higher studies.

People in India still have a perception that Government service is a secure career so they hesitate to take part in counseling sessions.
Financial problems often provide a drawback in students career even if he/she is good in studies students they visit the career fairs but fails for admissions due to lack of money.