Always be aware of Agents.


Everyone is aware of the name Agents, but here is the clear definition of the Agent, An agent, in legal terminology, is a person who has been legally empowered to act on behalf of another person or an entity. An agent may be employed to represent a client in negotiations and other dealings with third parties. we came across each and every time in any sector whether it is heath, finance, banking, and even education also have agents to get admission in schools and colleges.

There are four types of agents Sales agents, distributors, and Licensing agents

Sales agents :

This type of agent is probably a self-employed sole trader ‘on the road’ selling a range of reproductions, ready-framed pictures, greetings cards and gifts on behalf of perhaps four businesses and/or artists. Sales agents handle sales but do not contribute to other marketing or production costs. They pay for their own car, petrol, hotel bills and insurance. Many sales agents expect financial back-up from their artists in the form of a promotional program (advertisements, mailshots, trade fair stands, etc.), and offering this kind of back-up is a good way for an artist to attract one of the better agents.

Distributors :

Distributors are companies rather than individuals, and they tend to cover the whole country. They are often successful sales agents who have developed into larger concerns employing sales agents of their own. Distributors normally work to develop a corporate image. They have their own marketing programs involving advertising, stands at exhibitions, trade showrooms, catalogs, etc.

Licensing agents :

These agents negotiate licensing deals with print and card publishers, porcelain manufacturers, and giftware companies. Good licensing agents should be able to negotiate better terms and have a wider range of contacts than artists representing themselves, even taking their commissions into account. Some publishing companies, however, will only deal with artists direct. Many print publishers and gallery owners also act as licensing agents for their artists.

Each and every company have agents, which provide the market trend by applying the charges and more, every person, who has a mobile phone they sometimes had experience regarding agents, who tried to sell their policy of life insurance and give home loan and car loan, they always have a target to finish and they get the commissions on each and every person. the same thing happened in the banking sector, when a bank does not grow properly then they hire agents and they sign an agreement to sell credit card and invest money on real estate.

If we look in the education sector whenever any student does not get admission to schools or college, they contact an agent and pay the fees to them and agent cut their commission and give the donation to the education trust then students get admission. the same thing happens in abroad admission when student wont completes their education abroad at that time they contact the agent to get admission in foreign university or college, However, parents also ready to spend their whole money on that thing, sometimes by luck student get admission at the same time agent charge high to the student’s parents, but when a student does not get money back from abroad after rejection on the filing process, then agents do not ready to accept their mistake and also charge same and they do not give the proper answer to the student regarding the money-back process.

So, any person who tries to apply abroad for any purpose like study visa, tourist visa or P.R., please clarify the rules of overseas government and immigration or search online because all countries have a website regarding rules and regulation regarding enter in their country, moreover on social media platform like Youtube also many people from abroad, who keep update us regarding changing immigration rules.

thanks for reading.