Horoscope Hysteria

Most of us have a habit of checking our monthly or weekly horoscope, we blindly submit to the predictions it states and it can become a cause of fear and tension or happiness and excitement. To be frank many of us strongly feel our fate lies in the words of the weekly horoscopes but that is not true at all. We have even gone our way ahead and done our own bit of research when it comes to horoscopes, zodiac signs and predictions. We might have even checked our sun signs and its personality traits so that we can counter check if it relates with ourselves. Many social media sites are filled with horoscope content and sun sign predictions e.g. – Instagram has many pages offering you an insight into this interesting world. We have even gone our way ahead and downloaded many horoscope applications like “Timepassages” or “Horoscoper Club” to keep ourselves updated.

Most of us have bought jewellery and other products with our respective sun signs, we also tend to go about and ask our partners about their birth dates to see how compatible we could be according to our horoscopes, we even judge peoples’ personalities based on their sun signs. Even though technology is grabbing us by its hands our belief in spirituality is getting stronger day by day.

Even though we say that this generation of millennials is quite open minded and believes in a free and liberated world but we still have a spiritual side to us which loosens us up and it allows us to un-clench ourselves.

For many astrologers horoscope reading has now even become an online business via video or phone calls, or blogs or sites and they are minting a good amount.

In this world filled with hurdles and unforeseen events we are quite keen to know the unpredictable events or all the wonderful surprises which are lined up for us in the coming future and this is one of the main points which attracts  us towards Horoscopes. We tend to abide to the horoscope and believe in the prophecies frantically.

Many people believe astrology will  give you a glimpse of how one’s day/week would be ahead, many people even adjust themselves according to their respective horoscope data, be it love life, financial woes or family problems or public and personal relations we feel the horoscope actually tells us about our future. But the question is “is it true after all”.

But many a times negative horoscope readings fill us with anxiety and fury, many scientists say there is no scientific validity behind horoscope predictions, many denigrate the belief in horoscopes as there is no strong underlying proof about the validity of data it has to offer us.

Most of us impetuously believe in the personality traits which the apps and other sites state under the respective zodiac signs and they can form many stereotypes in our working minds. One of the reason we follow horoscopes so diligently is because from old times it’s been the path to know many signs and according to many experts the data it predicts based on the position of the sun, moon and earth is quite accurate.

Horoscope and their predictions according to many are true and according to many are just invalid, but most of us definitely will continue looking forward to their predictions.

Abdhi Upadhyay

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