Was it really a lockdown?

As I sat to pen down my thoughts, came an announcement that the nation-wide lockdown has been lifted up with new rules “unlock-1”. I was thinking “what’s left than being atmarnirbhar anymore”, but rules are rules even if no one follows them. Even before the dust settled on this communication, out came the opposition parties with their words as knifes drawn, excoriating the government! The time when we expect are political mass to speak in unison for the nation, they are throwing knifes at each other without minding, not just India but the whole world is currently in the grip of a pandemic of epic and high proportions. The need of the hour is to stand together( speaking metaphorically, social distancing needs to be maintained), and here we are having a political party comprised of imperators leading the attack on the ruling party, hate-filled rhetoric, tinged with jealousy, knowing that offers nothing productive.

An extremely infectious virus and contact of it can lead to mushrooming of it. Despite warnings, we still have people on the streets; few with genuine needs of purchasing, few hundred misled migrants wanting to return to their hometowns, and the remaining are hundreds of morons roaming the streets with absolutely no essential needs measuring the lengths even without a mask as if they are some supernatural being, a vampire or something who cannot be effected by this deadly virus. But above all they do have an intention; they are roaming with a sole intention of defying authorities! And the list not ends here; we have some self-proclaimed comedians and so called celebrities abusing the prime minister- even calling him a clown for the tasks that he assigns to us, “Indians”. All of this without realizing that this is being done to keep the spirits of the people high and country united and we did feel that in the given tasks.

 I personally had a balanced and jocular view on this lockdown period. I have been to multiple zero cost excursions to exotic locations within the house or I would rather say within my room having extremely fond memories of these trips finding my own self and working upon that and I enjoy standing in my balcony listening to birds or staring at the night sky full of stars, I loved standing in peace and the thing I loved the most is to see our mother nature heal.

I cannot understand the cribbing and negativism in some people. Is making money, socializing, visiting malls, shopping, etc. more important than life itself? If nothing, appreciate the real life heroes who are out there saving lives! One should take this as an opportunity to introspect, shed apathy and restart life with fresh dynamism.

Remember, yesterday was not ours to cure but tomorrow can be a win….or lose, choose wisely!

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