Keep yourself healthy in this monsoon

As monsoon arrived at some places and in some places it is arriving in some days. Most of us love this season. The feeling of rain with hot pakoras and chutney is just awesome. But this monsoon season also come with a lot of diseases like cough and cold, malaria, stomach infection, fever, typhiod, pneumonia etc, so it is necessary to prevent yourself and your family from these disease as it is very humid season so it helps in growth of many germs and mosquito breeding also takes place. So it is needed that you are careful about your diet as well as your surrounding.


  1. Leafy vegetables – It is true that leafy vegetable are important but we should avoid these in rainy season as grime and dampness present in them makes them highly susceptible to germs. So vegetables like spinach, cabbage and cauliflower should be avoided. Instead of that go for pungent vegetables like bitter gourd, ghiya, tori and tinde.
  2. Fresh juice and fruit from roadside vendor – In this season any fresh fruit thay have a long exposure in air should be avoided and roadside vendor keep fruit cut up in advance. So it come in contact with contaminated air. So it is good to prepare juice at home only. In home too, don’t leave cut fruits out for very long time lead to contamination.
  3. Sea food- Monsoon is the breeding season for fish and prawn. So they should be avoided this time. If you are craving for non veg, you can have chicken or mutton.
  4. Fried food- Fried food should be avoided in rainy season as high humid weather of monsoon causes digestion process to slow down, so eating fried food like pakodas, samosas can cause gastronomical complication like blotting and stomach upset.
  5. Fizzy drinks – It reduce mineral in our body which lead to reduction of enzyme activity. This is highly undesirable with an already weak digestive system. Instead of that drink a bottle of water or nimbu pani or warm beverages like ginger tea.


  • Avoid heavy meal and keep a light diet. Don’t eat roadside foods like chole bhature, pakoras, samosa etc.
  • Regularly do exercise. It helps to sweat our extra moisture and potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Personal hygiene is important in this season as the humid season is susceptible to germs. So use an anti-bacterial solution or soap to clean all the germs.
  • The symptoms of ear infection, flu, common cold and eye infection shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated even if you are not feeling thirsty.

Keep these things in mind so thay you can fully enjoy this season without worrying about your and your family’s health.

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