“Nuclear Energy And Fight For Its Credibility”

Humans, since the age of their existence have invested money, efforts and ideas into developing new sources of energy generation. Which earlier focused on mostly focused manual work and manpower or animals usually has shifted to machines making the work more easily and efficiently done. The transition after the industrial revolution and drastic drift towards these technologies gave new origin to energy sources. While initially more of the non sustainable resources like coal were used as a source of energy, be it in trains, or for ironing of clothes or be it for warming oneself from the freezing cold environment. Cutting of woods for fire and cooking was also an opted source of energy in earlier times. But sooner the effects if these machines were seen and how they deteriorated our health, glaciers of the antarctic and most important lead to phenomenon called global warming which has nowadays led to climate change. The need for sustainable and eco-friendly sources of energy was a great demand in the early 40’s and then came the idea of “Nuclear Power Generation”

As soon as the nuclear atomic bomb was used as a weapon, it came into the mind of people,that it has an enormous amount of energy in it and thus could be used so as to generate energy from it and utilize it in a better and peaceful way. It was thought to be a classic idea to fight back every problem , people warriors facing. Nuclear power generation meant the cost of electric utility to go down while it’s production to achieve height,shifting to this house would lead to less consumption of fossil fuel like coal and other sustainable resources like petrol as a source of energy to run vehicles, and thus the problem of global warming could drop. And many other factors which seemed to solve energy related problems for mankind. 

But soon as most of the companies started investing in nuclear plants , it turned out to be totally different as it was assumed to be. The technicality and most important the cost to build it were more as they were right of. Complexities in the design and working were still unknown to many of the scientists. But still most of the counties thought of investing in these plants. The growth of nuclear plants significantly grows as soon as the oil prices hit the stock to highest amounts. Thus nuclear energy was thought of to be the best and better alternative. But it was soon seen that this nuclear power generation was too risky not only for the company but also for their country as well as the whole world, if not properly taken care of, since many accidents were observed in quick span

But still various countries are using nuclear energy as a energy generation with almost covering 10% of total energy demand around the world while most of the power still depending on coal. But the main question which comes to mind is “Do we really need these nuclear plants knowing their harmful effect to humanity”. There have been many accidents which have led man to lose life and still it’s outcome are observed in the future genes. Nuclear energy has enormous power to destroy the population around the world if used in the other way. So “Why do we still focus on nuclear energy rather than investing in other sustainable energy resources easily available with almost the same setup cost”. Also the waste of these plants which are mostly chemicals is very dangerous and the smoke which comes out in the form of emissions is too toxic, which could lead to breathing problems in living beings and also add up to the pollution. 

“The results show the how the disadvantages of these nuclear plants are way ahead of its positive outcomes as being positive being the fact that it leads to reducing of carbon dioxide emissions in the environment or be it providing more jobs as workers in construction and worker in the plant but still seen the bad side of these, it seems to be more dangerous and harmful for the humanity. We believe that it’s high time to think for nature and shift towards more better energy sources like sustainable energy sources which are present in enormous amounts and which do not harm nature , along with the fact of not risking life’s and finding alternatives at the cost of human life”.