sustainable energy

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle 101

Leading an eco-friendly (ecological/environment-friendly) lifestyle is imperative for healthy and sustainable living in the current extreme climatic conditions and environmental degradation and pollution. All this leads to life-threatening atmosphere because […]

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“Nuclear Energy And Fight For Its Credibility”

Humans, since the age of their existence have invested money, efforts and ideas into developing new sources of energy generation. Which earlier focused on mostly focused manual work and manpower or animals usually has shifted to machines making the work more easily and efficiently done. The transition after the industrial […]

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“Ushering Towards Better Reforms “

“Clean was our environment and so were our surroundings,animals were happy and strong were the bondings. In the race to change our selves, we changed everything around, with scarcity of resources, and humanity deeply drowned”. In todays era, where work culture is mostly preferred, and least preferences are given to […]

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