What all do we know?

It is often said that while success has several suitors, failure has none.

Nepotism might be an alien term for many but for some this is a cause of depression or on a higher scale cause of death. Favouritism or special attention granted to close friends and relatives by the people in power is called nepotism and we all face this in one way or the other. No matter which field you are working in, nepotism is everywhere. It is like a disease that has already made the world hollow and is still mushrooming. It is all about power, the damn chair! We all are part of it, sometimes as a victim and the other times as the sinner. The tragedy is we all believe that we are victims and we do nothing bad. The truth is, we all are trapped in this materialism knowingly or unknowingly and it doesn’t matter because we are too weak to come out.  What do you think was the reason Voldemort chose the dark art and attacked Hogwarts or Kaleen Bhai wanted his two men to be killed by his son in Mirzapur, all of these to not let the other one powerful than you because we can’t stand someone being more powerful than us. Be it reel or real nepotism is everywhere. We want the other person to respect us. Nobody wants to give up their power and let the other rule, even if the other person is better than them.

All of this has become the part of a dynasty. The biggest example of this is the glamorous industry BOLLYWOOD, hollow and shabby from inside. Many normal people with big dreams go to Mumbai to fulfil their wishes. But the most appealing has its own secrets, its flaws. As soon as an outsider start making progress, making fame after working hard. These big names ban them, ignore them, boycott them and what not. Everybody has its own way to handle it but not everyone can handle it properly.

A child may be a victim of depression too. But hardly have we cared. As for us nothing like this exists. Talking about mental health is a taboo because we don’t know how this society will treat us. That’s why to most of us it doesn’t even exist. All we get from such people is a one liner- EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY, DO NOT OVERTHINK.

This is the most irritating line when you are in pain and going through a lot. Nobody needs advice at that time. That entire person with depression need is to be heard, your support without you being judgemental. But the cruelty of society doesn’t let it help people without judging them. Life is all about helping each other in the time of need. It doesn’t matter much If you cannot be with someone in their happy times, at least try to be with them in their time of need, and stop using others for your selfish interests.

In the end you will definitely get what you have planted. Plant your destiny well. Spread love. Karma spares no-one.

We all just need to be patient time heal wounds. Your life matters the most. Nobody will get affected more than your parents and your loved ones. Think about them before taking detrimental steps.

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