Era of a New Revolution – #HindiCheeniByeBye

For the last few days, severe tensions have been generated in the India- China border, that led to the martyrdom of our Indian soldiers. Yesterday, the grievous attack by the China PLA (People’s Liberation Army) leading to the death of 20 Indian Army in Galwan Valley of Ladakh, left us shattered because this was perhaps one of the deadliest event in the history of India- China border issues.

According to the media reports, several Chinese troops have made their way forcibly into the Galwan valley in Ladakh, the disputed region in the Kashmir Valley.

The reports say that in the month of May, Chinese forces began putting up tents, dugging trenches and moving heavy equipments through some underground passages, that had been regarded as an area of Indian territory by India. This was a aftermath result when India built a several kilometres long road, connecting to a high-altitude forward air base. Apart from this, the Galwan River has become a hotspot as here,the LAC (Line of Actual Control) is closest to the new road built by India along the Shyok River to Daulet Beg Oldi (DBO),the most remote and vulnerable area along the LAC in Ladakh.

Considering a heinous act done by China PLA (where they killed our 20 soldiers), the citizens of India, as a reaction to it, took an initiative in boycotting Chinese products. The Indians have now started coming out of their homes and burning the Chinese products on the roads. In fact, a buzz have been created by people on the social media platforms,where they are using a very trending hashtag called #HindiCheeniByeBye in order to boycott the things made in China. This was done after the Zee News came up with the idea of #HindiCheeniByeBye initiative.

An enraged mob.

In addition to this, Taiwan has also come forth in support of India. In its national daily – The Taiwan Times, Taiwan media has shown Shri Ram with His dhanush (bow) aiming towards the dragon (a symbolism for China).

The cover page of the Taiwan Times.
Even Amul- the leading Indian brand, has came up with boycotting Chinese products.

Historically speaking, this act is a resemblance of the event when people of British India boycotted the Britain products. In this main scenario, Mahatma Gandhi emerged as a leading protagonist and encouraged Indians to boycott British goods as well as to buy Indian goods instead.This helped to regain the local economies in India along with reducing the British economy. This was the Swadeshi Movement indeed.

In the current scenario, we can see that Swadeshi Movement 2.0 has begin again, boycotting all the products that are made in China. Shunning China from the mainstream economy will boost up our own economy, that will pave the way for economic development of India. This will be an act of paying gratitude and respect towards the Indian Army too, who have been killed by the Chinese militants. So, as an ending note, it’s purely accurate to say that #HindiCheeniByeBye has emerged as a new mode of revolution in the 21st century India, hence.

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