Track2Training NGO – An initiative for Development

NGOs or the Non-Governmental organizations are generally non-profit organizations working independent of the government. Their main aim is to provide basic amenities to the needy or the people living in poverty. They basically work towards uplifting the society. There are many sectors of the society that do not get the representation and are left to deal on their own. This is where NGOs come into play. They take up social responsibilities and raise awareness about these issues and organize fundraisers so that donation can be collected to meet the standard services. There are various programs being organized by the government itself for the poor people but it is hard to believe that the benefits will be able to reach each and every marginalized member of the society. There are certain other forces needed to make this come true. They shed light on the unacceptable conditions of living. Through their various programs, they create opportunities for the children to learn and grow. Providing education and giving them vocational training or skill-based training can create a diverse work force in the future. It will also help to mitigate the issues of unemployment. Apart from providing free education, they are also involved in large scale distribution of food, clothing items and even strive to provide shelter to many. NGOs try to branch out using microfinance, sustainable development and holistic programs as the foundation. They can also focus on providing health care or medical facilities in general to the people as well as sanitation needs should be dealt with. Many people feel that NGOs may not add much to the society as they are expected to. There are some benefits and advantages to all and there may be places where NGOs fail to play their part but their multi-sector approach is underestimated. They have helped people deal with certain issues that were usually not talked about. They have established a complex and dynamic approach to poverty and many of them have been doing great in terns of their objectives and goals. There are certain NGOs in India itself that strive to eradicate poverty, or work towards helping children dealing with malnutrition. NGOs are able to see the shortcomings of the current system and understand the needs . This poverty alleviation will require a lot of time. It is a lengthy and tedious process but NGOs have taken a step for the implementation of this initiative. They promote community sustainable development. Track2Training is working for the development of rural areas and skills in youth for future jobs.