The cover drive masters…

The cover drive is a special type of shot which requires fine wrist work and well-timed striking of ball to hit the ball into the cover-side area which is towards off side of batsmen. This shot is historically a famed one and the players who have mastered it are considered to be finest players of the game.

The stroke became historically famous during the golden era of cricket in nineteenth and early-twentieth century when cricket England started classifying players as Amateurs and Professionals. The amateurs mastered the off side shots while professionals practiced the leg side shots like flicks around the wicket.

When it comes to cricket, many interesting stats arise, one such is of playing cover drive in tests which has derived almost 40909 runs. Over the years the legacy of playing this shot has been passed on from legends like Mark Waugh, Micheal Vaughan, Sourav Ganguly to current stars like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson and many more. 

The Leaders by Average:

While playing cover drive though Virat has scored 1038 runs off this shot and is the only player to do so ,he has been dismissed 14 times while trying to play it taking the average to 74.1 runs per dismissal. This is quite healthy average but interestingly he ranks 25th among top 45 batsmen who have scored 300-plus runs off this shot. 

The leading are South Africa’s Aiden Markram ,Faf du Plessis and pakistan’s Asad shafiq. Markram has scored 338 runs off cover drive without a single dismissal and Faf du Plessis has scored 542 runs of 2 dismissals giving him fantastic average of 270. 

Right vs Left- who plays it best:

The stats are revealing that left-handers are better players of the shot than right handers. It is clear that left handed players are edging the righty players for playing the shot. In fact the stats reveal that from over last 40-60 years left handers have edged right handers over the average runs per dismissals while playing the shot.

It is not wrong to say that left are right in this case.


It is very interesting that cricket analytics have each and every information right from dot balls played by a player to the sixes he has bet.The cover drive has been always difficult as well as favourite shot of many legends.