“Deserts-A solution for Rising Global Environment Crises”?

Global warming, climate change, melting of ice, earth temperature increasing and many more are some common natural phenomena happening these days with a sure shot affect on our future life. Even today, we acknowledge many examples of these phenomena as well as well researched papers which surely don’t deny the fact that these are surely happening. Countries across the world have been discussing this serious issue of climate change and global warming and have been coming up with brilliant ideas and policies to fight back. These technologies and various steps include a shift from Non sustainable resources to more Sustainable ones so as to reduce carbon emission and from them and getting a better and pure form of energy in endless quantities. Many nations have shifted to wider use of wind energy and solar energy as a mode of generation of power from them in various day to day activities. Many countries have also come up with a policy of carbon tax, which surely is charged from the companies and industries from which the emissions of carbon content is more. Also if any country buys fuel from the other country, carbon tax is included in it, which surely motivates people to cut down usage of these resources and also slow down their extra money cost in the form of fines. 

So we all know that it’s really an important issue and need to work on till it becomes too late. But we do lack some of the technologies which could have a stronger impact on these or the resources which are available like sustainable one, it proves somewhat expensive to most of the countries with low economy so what’s the solution,”Is there any way we could undo and alter these activities and thus make our environment cleaner”. There are various researches and thoughts on these activities which can be done and varius good engineering methods have come into existence to fight these. One of those and widely accepted one is “Afforestation”. The term is self explanatory which means to increase the growth of plants and trees around the world and thus increase their quantity and improve quality of air as these would absorb more of the carbon-dioxide present in air. It’s a well known phenomenon and a lot many countries have been into it for quite a few years. But the main issue with this is, that we humans so lack the availability of land for the same. For trees to be grown, we need the required environment and the important is the space and fresh water resources. But we do lack it’s availability , also for the reason that we require much of our land for building hotels and other commercial activities in response to the growing population. But there are various regions which have large amounts of space and area, and are not used by humans and are widely available. These are the toughest terrain and known as deserts. These deserts have large space and thus can be used to plant trees without much human getting affected. The main issue is how can we irrigate, as we know they are desert because they lack water, then how is it possible. And if it is possible, will it not become desert again?

It’s possible as per many people doing research on this as they believe by the growing technology of desalination of water, we could utilize the water for irrigation. The benefits of utilizing these spaces are that these have lesser people living in it . So selecting the trees which are friendly to these climatic conditions would be the better option. Which could grow easily and used for commercial activities also. The benefit of growing more trees in these areas would be the amount of carbon content absorption would increase. Also we could cut down some of the trees as for the new ones to grow since it wouldn’t affect much this cycle since this would be practising around the world. We would use them for construction activities, for feeding animals and also liquifying most of them to biomass fuel, thus a pure and much better source of power for our other activities also, reducing the carbon content, and increasing economies. Also we know that most of these deserts acquire large amounts of ground water hidden under them, for example- Sahara. Which could initially be used for irrigation initially. Also the power required for the technology for the same could easily be generated from the solar energy trapped in there solar panel 

So it seems according to research being done by various scientists and weather experts. But there are some other problems which could be faced in doing these projects. The water required would be clean, and thus desalination must be done carefully. But it’s output of concentrated salts dissolved in water in oceans could be harmful for the aqua life. Still this is just a thought which might affect the resulting increase in carbon content to reduce down. But still it seems difficult to make these ideas go on since they do require a large sum of money and also success of these are sureshot not acknowledged, since it’s still a question that wouldn’t these lands again transform into deserts again and lead us to big economic loss around the world. 

“Various steps and policies are into actions with faster growing technologies so as to reduce the carbon content from them and shifting towards  pure form of energy which is much cleaner, much cost effective and much safer for our planet”.