She belonged to a  poor rural family in Uttar Pradesh and was married at a very young age of 11 years with Puttilal Mallah. He was three times older to her, she tolerated endless beatings and sexual abuse by her husband. When the situation became intolerable, after several attempts she finally ran away and returned to her family. 

Starting of imprisonment 

After some time, Maya Din (her cousin), remembering the insult that he faced due to phoolan in childhood, went to the cops and accused her of stealing his belongings. The cops kept Phoolan for almost three days and abused her, and then let her go with a threat to behave better in the future and live peacefully without battling with her family or with anyone else. When she was released, her parents wanted her to return back to her in-laws as she turned sixteen, but they never accepted her. Somehow they took Phoolan, but she again returned to her parents(not virgin anymore). Her in-laws later stated that under any circumstances they will not take Phoolan back. Life as a Bandit was not at all easy. In 1789 she fell with a gang of Dacoits. Nobody knows whether she was kidnapped or her own insanity, she always regretted this juncture. The leader of the gang was Babu Gujjar, who raped, assaulted, and dehumanized her for three days. The second-in-command of the gang Vikram Mallah saved her as they both were from the same caste. Vikram Mallah killed Babu Gujjar due to a rape. The following morning, he became the leader of the gang. Though Vikram was married and so was she, they resided together. After a few weeks, their gang attacked the village of Phoolan’s husband. She herself dragged him on the road and left him almost dead with a note “older men not to marry young girls”. However, he outlived but with a permanent abdomen pain. After this incident as legally, he was her husband, villagers avoided his company due to the threat of the gang. She then learned using a rifle from Vikram and became a gang activist across the UP- MP border in Bundelkhand. Activities such as kidnapping for ransom, visiting villages looting wealthy upper-caste society were a part of spreading threat and caste discrimination. 

Phoolan’s tongue was actually a problem for every other gang member as the gang consisted of mixed caste members.

Vikram’s death.

 The trouble began within the gang itself resulting in Vikram and Phoolan standing on the same side and the rest of the gang members on the other as the majority of the gang later had Rajputs. Soon after a gunfight happened. Vikram and Phoolan escaped, yet they were later chased and Vikram Mallah was shot dead. Phoolan was taken to the Rajput-dominated village of Behmai by her, not so-called gang members, where she was locked, raped, and molested by gang members of upper-caste for a span of three weeks. They even paraded her uncovered throughout the village. Then she again managed to escape with the help of low caste villagers and gang members involving Man Singh. Later they became lovers and set up a new gang. 

Murders in Behmai

Revenge was in her blood, after the escape she returned back. She demanded to confront the one who was responsible for the assault but couldn’t find it. To spread fear she then took young men of the village and aligned them and shot 22 men. Every department tracked her but failed as she had the support of needy ones.

Vikram taught Phoolan, “If you are going to kill, kill twenty, not just one. For if you kill twenty, your fame will spread; if you kill only one, they will hang you as a murderer.” This motivated her to kill 22 men of the upper caste. 

She was assaulted so many times, didn’t give up, always came back for revenge. She has gone through every evil aspect including child marriage, rape, assault yet came to be fearless.

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