MALALA YOUSUFZAI: conspiracies and criticisms

I practically cried when literally heard about Malala Yousafzai,the Pakistani blogger who fought for girl education and currently fighting for their rights. The youngest to win most prestigious Nobel Peace prize along with billions of hearts. But there are ongoing discussions on her overrating.

The allegations made on her despite bravery she showed were mentioned below which are depicted as conspiracy.

The three girls who shot during the same time didn’t get as much attention as Malala. The only girl who was hospitalized to London and the only girl who was being educated there was Malala which was one of the conflicting truth. The reason for shifting her to London hospital lies in severity of her injury. She was the one who got affected more due to the bullets. People write to defame her without knowing the actual truth.

She was victim of Taliban because of her dad since he rebelled against them. Being Ziauddin’s daughter made her special among Taliban. Her father made her to speak and she did it. It was her father who should be awarded not her. She did what is to be done. Her fater fought when Taliban attacked the school. The society we live in defame the daughter to fame the father. This is disgusting. Not everyone does what should be done. The so-called guts is necessary inorder to do few things. Her father made her speak but it’s her choice to speak and she spoke not only for herself but also for the rest. It’s her who spoke and world listened while she spoke.

She left the Swat valley and started to live happily in UK without bothering about her native. She never spoke about the wars in some other countries and never cared about the children of her valley after she left the place. People never speak about the happened and always bother about unhappened. She did everything she could and tried to do what she didn’t and failed it. She had a voice of women who are living not only in her region but the rest of the world.

Malala said, “I am ready to tell the world that Pakistan is safe place and teams can go and play cricket there”. If it’s safe then why are you in UK. The criticism she gets for every word she spoke is unbelievable. She tried her way best to make people of her country happy by making them view cricket match. She tried to bring happiness for her country and people depict it in a wrong way.

Another boy who has been shot 8 bullets didn’t get the same attention who tried to save the school attack from Taliban. He never spoke untill the moment. He had to do his job when it had to be done. He didn’t do when it wasn’t required. He had done a great job but what Malala shouldn’t be compared with it. She stood from the begining of war because she started the war.

She was the reason for the operation launched by Pakistani army namely Operation Rah-e-Rast. The army tried to finish its job within a month. SSG commandos tried to kill who resisted or captured who surrendered.