Confession on Father’s day: ‘Life of My Life”

If you are reading this please make sure that you wish your dad before you start. Just a few words from your mouth will ensure your father’s happiness. Don’t be shy to confess. Be confident and confess your true feelings. Don’t try to speak what you thought, try to confess what you are going through at that moment. Don’t mug up the quotes to impress your father. Because father never looks at literature because feelings matter the most.

“By the time a man realizes that may be his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.” One of the best quote about every father. We can’t confess it in the way it was written. Many of us can’t even speak off what we feel about him infront of him. The shy is due to the respect and gratitude we have inside ourselves. The thing is we can’t let it off and speak about him to him.

Dad isn’t a ad to add a quotation and wish him. True feelings can never be framed. The gut feeling is real and normal. The cinematic dialauge version such as Sons first hero and daughters first love cannot happen in real. The difficulty lies in expressing ourselves as we thought. We can excel in n number of things and could do exactly the way we want to. But coming to the confession of our feelings to the true loved ones we stammer. The love he gave and the sacrifice he made can’t be thanked by just thanking him. We owe him the life. Our life is just some chromosome without his life.

Being thankful to him is just a small thing and least thing that we could do. Never make him feel low for something we did in a rush. Father understands us without justification. Respect his feelings and be responsible for the life of your life. Your birth might have a reason or you might have a reason to live but don’t forget that he is the reason for you life. Never leave him for any reasons. Reasons are just excuses for the mistake. Never make him unhappy. If he is sad be with him. The only thing every father atmost cares is nothing but confidence. He doesn’t want his child to be successful, he only wants to see happiness in your face. He gave us smile on our face and we should not let it leave his face. Father took care of whole family by working hard and tried to hide his troubles with a fake smile. Never give that fake smile he showed to us to hide his hard work. He worked hard to ensure you not to work harder. He made himself work hard to make it easy for you.

My father had struggled to study so hard without his father. He never compromised to make me study. He made sure that I got what I wanted. Today some force pushed me to confess the father’s day to my dad. Atlast I wished my father without shy. We are out of words when we require the most. I am very lucky to have him as my father. He was never angry on me. He made me know the value of patience. He is so patient that he understands everything and listens to others words very keenly.