History behind Father’s Day…

In our society, we celebrate different days about different personalities like Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, and women’s Day. The main purpose of celebrating these days is to pay tribute to those personalities, Likewise, every year the father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. In ancient times, this day had celebrated on 19 of March as Saint Joseph Day, but in present time, every year the father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June this tradition of celebrating Father’s day was started after an incident.

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In 1907 many men were died in an explosion occurred in a mine in West Virginia. The Father’s day was started in the remembrance of these men, Sonora Dodd from Washington had introduced this term “Father’s Day” in 1909. Sonora Dodd had very interesting story related to Father’s Day. She used to love her father William Jackson. Her mother died in her childhood, so her father brought her up along with her 5 siblings. William Jackson died in a war. When Sonora Dodd had heard about Mother’s Day, she told the pastor of local Church that

“Similar Day should be celebrated for dads too”.

Therefore, she proposed 5th June for Father’s Day, as that day was her father’s Birthday, but there was not enough time left for ceremony, So pastor denied her proposal and then this ceremony took place on third Sunday of June. At start, Sonora Dodd could not get any success to advertise this Day, so she left advertising it and she went to arts institute of Chicago for studies. In 1930 she came back to her city and started advertising Father’s Day once again. This time she got very success in it, because she got the support of Local Businessmen. Father’s Day was an opportunity to local businessmen. Specially for those who belongs to gift selling businesses. After 1930, Father’s Day become a commercial day.

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Islam has also stress on the importance of parents, especially for father, it is said that ” Father’s desire is Allah’s Desire and father’s anger is Allah’s anger “In our society, we openly show our love to Mothers but maybe it is not in the case of fathers. The thing we need to do is that we should not only show our love to our parents but should also take a great care of them in old age. My Friends, the father is only man who sacrifice everything for your need and your desires. Today if your father is alive and he forbid you from anything, then for this blessing you should be very thankful to your GOD. My Friends, the importance of this thing can be asked from those who do not have fathers with them. The father is only man who is the first hero of his son, similarly he is the first love of his daughter.