Education Includes Learning?

Education is something that is done to you. Learning is something you do for yourself.

                 ~ Joi Ito

Rightly said, learning is for yourself, your life, your dreams, your experiences, your journey, while education is something we get from others. It gives us access to the knowledge that is already there and we just need to study and remember it. Do you remember how many years of your life you have spent on studying or how many years yet to give up on this? I calculated it today and it blew my mind! In my eighteen years of life, I have given almost my entire life to study till date. Still there is one question nudging me inside out, what would I call it; years of my education or years of my learning?

As a kid I was always encouraged to study and get good marks. Marks were always the deciding factor and they defined me as a good student or weak student. I never wanted to be in weak category so I gave my best to get those numbers and still I am giving my best. During my primary classes I was often rewarded by my parents based on my mark sheet. I didn’t understand the importance of education back then, but I know now and I feel it wasn’t a best way to encourage me or any other student. It was like parents using gifts as a bribe in exchange for good numbers by their kids. Are we just trying to get educated and have a mark sheet with us for rest of our lives? Studious is not always the best. I am not doubting the importance of education but there’s only one thing I wonder and that is “should we be focusing more on learning rather than this mark sheet stuff”.

From my personal experience, I spent most of my school life being a spod. I used to get good marks and lots of appreciations and trust me that’s not bad either but only educating and not learning is bad. When I developed my interest more in literature my loved ones supported me no matter what.  When it was “show time” 12th standard, I couldn’t achieve that much. It did hurt to see my low scores, my parents were affected more than ever and there was one more thing nudging us like a weed “clucking magpies”. Coming out all these things my family supported me. All my glorious mark sheets of previous classes with amazing numbers are now lying down nicely in my cupboard drawer while I am achieving my dream from learning.

However if you ask me today, I am applying zero percent of what I studied back then, in my day to day life. Instead what is helping is the learning and experience I had shared at every point of life. All those numbers are now forgotten, the only thing matters is my learning and experiences.

While I was studying some formula for trigonometry back in my school days, I often used to think who will teach us how to deal with life and its situations or it is meant to be learning in a hard way!

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