“Questioning the Healthy State of Milk”

Food is the necessity of our life and we cannot live without it for obvious regions. People and our ancestors have travelled distances in search of better and pure food. Food consists of various constituents helpful for our body to grow well and thus perform well. Proteins, vitamins, some fats and fibre along with carbohydrates helps our body to generate its own energy which helps us to perform our day to day activities. Also some of these helps our body to develop a protective shield which is our immune system which do protect us from various harmful bacteria and virus and thus fight them back, keeping us healthy and fit. Humans have been eating various foods for the purpose of taste and dissolved energy sources in them. Milk is one of them and has helped our dynasties to build up the desired strength from it’s richness in desired components. Milk has been the basics of life as soon as a new baby is born. Mammals feed their babies with their own milk initially which not only keeps the new one  feeded but also provides the necessary antibodies and proteins which help him/ her to survive the  new environment and protect them by building a strong immune system

We shifted to animals excreted milk be it cow, goat or sheeps. As we came to know about the nutrition and taste in those dairy products which could be made from these. But with times  people’s mindset has seen a change and have shifted to dairy diets thus food which is not made from dairy products and especially milk. Various controversies have come up and people have made a number of claims which do suggest the negative effects of milk on human health. People have come up with the thought that milk and it’s product causes:

  1. Bones to be brittle
  2. Cancer 
  3. Disease related to cardio
  4. Allergies
  5. Pesticide in these products

There have been researches and studies which do find relation between milk and it’s cancer causing possibilities.These could be breast cancer, or prostate cancer especially.But from different sources and collecting on a wider scale it was found out to be healthier than unhealthy. Rather various studies on a contrary came up with the possibility of how milk can be healthy for cancer patients as it do build a protective wall and immune system.But still the risk of Prostate cancer was seen as they increase the quantity of milk products in their diet with this also is believed to be incorrect by many scientist and food expert, also no significant result could find any relation between milk causing bones to be brittle, cardiovascular disease and many others. But people do believe that these do consist of pesticides as cattle and other animals do feed on them might have them.But The milk or the products we consume are fully tested and purified and all these adultrants are removed from them, thus making it healthier to drink but facts regarding allergies have been found real especially the acne. 

But we know that milk has the desired nutrients, fast, proteins responsible for making our body stronger and healthier. But the other factors which do make these products as suffering is the treatment with cow, as they are impregnated over and over so as to obtain milk from them. Also they are killed when they become non productive to us. But we acknowledge that milk is an important part of our lives and we can not just stop utilizing it. But what could be the other source? Plant based milk is a good option, which includes soy milk  and has equal constituents like those of normal milk. There are other sources like almond, coconut and many more. But there are some other ways to make milk also. Various technologies and machines have come up which can prepare alternative milk and identical to the dairy ones this is done by fermentation and gene modifying bacteria. 

“Milk is not harmful for humans and not for other animals but it’s production does let to increase in animals suffering. So we need to surely come up with the ideas so as to reduce the harm effect and increase its usage and spread it with more of its benefits and make people around us and the coming generation more healthy and fit”.