Growing vegetables at home

Vegetables are essential part of our food, green leafy vegetables gives us the important nutrients we require to lead a healthy life, but nowadays there is a risk buying vegetables from outside not only does it have a risk of getting exposed to the virus but also it can be filled with inorganic fertilizers and toxic stuffs like preservatives which will actually damage our health.  These harmful chemicals are introduced to increase productivity and longitivtiy of the vegetables and consuming these things causes the chemicals to accumulate inside our body and if it is not stopped it can lead to many diseases. The concept of organic  vegetables was introduced as a solution for this where no synthetic chemicals is used on the plant of the vegetables, but these vegetables costs so much that many people cannot afford it.

There is a better solution to this, if  one has space in their home they can grow vegetables in home, but as we know there are some vegetables which cannot be grown  at home nor some plants can be grown together, maybe in the future some way comes up so that these plants can also be grown. For now the vegetables you can grow are Tomatoes, Radishes, Okra,Ginger, beans  and many more. These can be grown in pots  and require some attention and care, this way of growing vegetables is economical also .

If you are a beginner you should have some tools like

  1. watering can- required to water the plants.
  2. Hand pruners – A type of scissors to cut the weeds.
  3. scoop- used to dig the soil.
  4. Small gardening fork- used for loosening the soil

These are the basic equipments required, but may be no need to buy them as you can make them by using many things in your house, like one can make the watering can by using an old water bottle and making holes on the cap or  for hand pruners one can use the ordinary scissors or can use some spoons or forks for loosening the soil.

You can plant these vegetables by seeds or buying the saplings, and put it in a pot with mud which is loosened well and it is very necessary to make holes on the pot which are also called drainage holes.  One should place the pots where the plants can receive optimum amount of sunlight. Its vey much required that you spend at least 1hour  of your day to water these plants, to cut them properly to check their growth status.

Some tips for different plants

  1. Tomatoes – The tomatoes should be grown in a pot of larger height so as to get sturdy and strong roots. These plants require more sunlight. Do add organic pesticides because insects attack tomatoes much more than other plants
  2. Okra – Do not water it very much as it may lead to fungal diseases
  3. Ginger- plant the root in a wide container and do not cover it with very much soil.

such tips will help you to grow these plants better, one should take care of the plants very much in winter seasons as this season tend to inhibit the growth of these plants, sometimes the plant become dormant. Immense amount of love and some care  required to grow these plants.


If you take care of these things and do all the things properly you would certainly get the results so

Enjoy the fresh, organic and healthy vegetables……


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