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A project is a series of related a task which when they are carried in the correct order will lead to the completion of the project. Projects are temporary, generally resulting in the creation of a tangible product or outcome. A construction project, sometimes just referred to as a ‘project’, is the organised process of constructing, renovating, refurbishing, etc. a building, structure or infrastructure. The project process typically starts with an overarching requirement which is developed through the creation of a brief, feasibility studies, option studies, design, financing and construction.

Construction projects are typically one offs. That is, a project team, brief and financing are put together to produce a unique design that delivers a single project. Once the project is complete the team is disbanded and sometimes will not work together again. This can make it difficult to develop ideas or relationships, and so lessons learned are often not carried forward to the next project. The exceptions to this are repeat developers such as supermarket chains, housebuilders, and so on.

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A construction software provides real time access to construction scheduling, documents, change orders, photos, warranty management etc. Construction is a task-driven business and construction project management software plans it accordingly. If you are into the construction business you should consider having one of the top construction software for better productivity. List of the top-rated construction management software’s currently authorised by United States government are given as below:

  1. ProcoreConstruction Project Management Suite:

 Procore has been one of the most talked about construction management software in the last few years. The reason is not just the quality rich features but the efficiency it provides to the project management team. Construction companies can manage multiple construction projects with ultimate visibility and without going remote. Procore ensures quality and safety by mitigating real-time risks and accessing data just a click away. Labour Management, Financial management, Time management are other important features that make Procore leading software.

Procore Construction Management Features: Accounting Integration, Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Change Orders, Commercial, Contract Management, Contractors, Residential, RFI & Submittals, Subcontractor Management.

  • Oracle AconexConstruction Project Management Software:

Oracle Aconex is cloud-based construction management software that connects major construction and engineering projects. Aconex is one of the best solutions to manage information and work process across your projects while handling multiple assignments. Aconex deals with document management, project controls, workflow management, BIM management, quality, and safety of projects, providing insights into projects and analysing data, bidding and estimating quotes.

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Oracle Aconex Construction Management Features: Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Change Orders, Commercial, Contract Management, Contractors, Incident Reporting, Residential, RFI & Submittals, Subcontractor Management.

Now that you have fully understood the construction management software, you can start scheduling a call with a number of vendors to discuss your project management needs. You can and should weigh those vendors in terms of their software capability, vendor reputation and flexible price offerings in order to select the one that can promise you quick profit on your investment.