Lockdown means, all people are supposed to stay at the place where they are, and, not to travel or go out, just, STAY AT HOME! Lockdown happens for safety measures for mass safety, all the doors are locked, no one can enter or exit.


COVID-19 Pandemic, the reason behind lockdown in 2020, the virus was spreading rapidly and still is. Started from a single person and now spread in all around the world from person to person through droplets from the mouth and nose, when the person with COVID-19 sneezes. It also spreads by touching the already effected surface as it has the infected droplets and there is the possibility of touching our eyes, mouth or nose just after touching the infected surface.


On 24th June 2020, there are a total of 8993659 cases of COVID-19 all around the world. Total deaths till date, 469587 deaths.


On 24th June 2020, there are a total of 456183 cases of COVID-19 in India. Total deaths in India due to corona virus, 14476 deaths.


An empty mind is a devil’s workshop! THIS WAS PROVED WRONG! Every single person tried to enhance their knowledge, brushed up themselves and brought out their creative side. Few learned how to cook, some helped their mums in household works, some worked in shaping their skills well, and many more. All worked on a plethora of things, brighten up themselves. On the other hand, students learned about new things, new courses, new topics, which will be fruitful for them in their upcoming future.

COMEBACK OF MYTHOLOGICAL SHOWS! All Indian parents, at least once have told their children about the iconic shows they have watched in their childhood; THE RAMAYANA and THE MAHABHARATA. These two were the most famous shows of the ’90s. On Sunday, when the shows were telecast, roads used to be empty, everyone was found sitting in front of the television for watching the show. Some people used to believe that the actors playing the role of God were actually the real god and used to worship them. The devotion was so pure! At the time of lockdown, these shows were re-telecast, and, this was so hard to believe that children of this generation were even more interested in watching these iconic shows rather than watching movies or web series, The Ramayana got the highest Trp.

BEST TIME FOR ENJOYING THE MOMENTS WITH FAMILY. While working, we get time very often, lockdown resulted as a gift as this was the right time spend more and more time with our families, to enjoy with them, for having long conversations, and be with our loved ones.

FINANCIAL ISSUES! We all fight with the world, just for money as it is the key to good living. For food, we need money, for clothes, we need money, for the house, we need money, for everything, money is mandatory. Lockdown didn’t affect the rich but was a curse for the poor. The migrant labours, vendors, the daily wage workers, they all were deeply affected by this, they did not even have food to eat, place to live, their life was equal to hell! Not only labours, few television actors too faced a financial crisis as they were not paid.

STUCK IN OTHER CITIES. In India lockdown was announced on 24th March 2020, for 21 days, but, it increased further because of the continuous increase in positive cases. Not everyone got the chance to be with their families, no one was allowed to travel, many people were stuck in other cities and were not able to go to their hometown, few were in other countries.

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