“Mutations In Corona Virus-Leading Towards Second Wave?”

Current era we are living in is a time of pandemic which is  spread all over the world, infecting millions of people and thousands of people losing life. The hike is growing day by day with no proper vaccines  and cure to it. There have been various studies and ways to test this disease. But various scientists are concerned about something which is surely not good news for people around the world. They believe that the spread of Corona-virus is increasing with its increase in mutation. Mutation is a phenomenon which means the change in the DNA sequence and this mutation can be due to mistake while Copying Of DNA to another cell or due to environment factors as a source of change and adapting the surrounding. 

There have been countries where this pandemic has been eradicated and some places where it is seeing a general downfall in its rate, while there are countries on the contrary and are seeking hikes day by day. Scientists believe that corona-virus may be mutating while it replicates from one individual to another. But the interesting fact is that these viruses or bacteria do mutate every time which means they do  and can change themselves while they get transferred from one person to others we know then need a host to be alive. Virus can be thus simply explained as anything that things that infect us and thus make us sick. Scientists believe that this Covid-19 virus is made up of RNA or Ribonucleic acid which is the building block of life and carry codes which do for a living organism. So this mutation happens when the sequence changes. When these viruses make mistakes in copying their code, they can’t reverse it which man’s that once it gets changed it will be the same forever, and this change goes on happening as it grows . Scientists have come up with discoveries reflecting the mutation process in this Covid- 19 virus

  1. It is believed that the mutation changes are very small and the person would be feeling the same symptoms as present in the older cases. 
  2. But mutation could be an area of concern while testing, as it may be possible that the technique we use for testing it may not be able to catch the mutation and thus gives us a negative result while it is still being present inside the body. 
  3. Also the possibility exists to find a vaccine solving the older virus while the new mutated virus still survives . So there needs to be advancement with time for testing technique, and at least twice a person should be tested so as to get a proper report. 
  4. This change in mutations and their known symptoms could also help the doctors to prepare the vaccine more accurately and effectively. 

But there are biologists that believe that mutations of covid-19 virus are small and their change remains mostly the same. So this could be a strong  reason which could give a reason to start the “Second wave” of virus, with much improved mutated virus. “So scientists and biologists need to remain updated with any change in the characteristics of these viruses, catch their mutations, track them and thus use them to find a proper vaccine and way out other than social distancing and thus save humanity from this deadliest virus and its spread”.