16 Year Old Tik-Tok Star Siya Kakkar Commits Suicide.

The year 2020 has been a devastating and shocking year for everyone around the world. When it comes to the entertainment platform which mainly includes acting and dancing there had been many shocking up comings in this year which includes the death of the famous bollywood star sushant singh rajput due to poor mental health and depression. When everyone had not gotten over the death of sushant singh rajput there has been another incident where a famous tik-tok star has committed suicide in Delhi. The 16 year old had caught the eye of the audience with her brilliant set of dancing skills. It has been reported that the 16 year old lived with her family and was found dead around 9 pm the previous night. As per the police reports there has been no suicide note found.

It has been come to light that the star had around 11 lakh followers on tik-tok and her last post was 6 days prior to the incident. The news of the stars death was confirmed by her manager who reportedly said “This must be due to something personal…work wise she was doing well.I had a word with her last night for a new project and she sounded normal. Me and my company Fame Experts manage lots of artist and Siya was a bright Talent. I am heading to her home in Preet Vihar.” she said.

It is absolutely shocking that children of such age can take such a drastic step in their life and put an end to everything. It is the parents that have to suffer for the rest of their lives in guilt that they could not save their child irrespective of the situation. The digital world of movie stars and all sorts of actors and dancers have come under the spotlight as what kind of mental and peer pressure they tend to face in their lives.