Rabindranath Tagore : Pertinence in the 21 century

Rabindranath Tagore is truly the maestro of Indian literature a man who inspires us and the one who with his spectacular poems instils hope in us to light the fire. He has created magical works which have left a mark behind and will always be cherished for his knowledgeable flair and for his bewildering literary creations. His works are till date best sellers and will continue to remain so. He is also known as “the world poet” and the “Shakespeare of India”.

He is an author whose works will never be outdated that is his works will always be relevant and will be read with great aspiration. In today’s time we have become quite insensitive towards many components of our lives be it religion, race, culture, economy or even our surroundings. Tagore’s works offer an insight into many raw realities of life. His works are looming with verity be it his poems, plays or short stories.

His famous novel Ghar-Baire that is the home and the world gives an insight into politics of a nation and marital life, it offers a real picture into the life of the relation between a husband and wife. The novel has been greatly recognised and also gives one an insight for our strong attraction towards the ways of the western world and their influence on us. His works transcend time. This novel and its themes are very much relevant till date, one can greatly empathise with the instances of the novel.

158th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore Observed

His works have a modern point of view to them, it is said that unlike men of his time Tagore had a broad mind set and he could think out of the box and his views were not at all monotonous, he was always seen as a man who inculcated wisdom with his wise words. Unlike the conservative society he always propounded women’s education and favoured women’s equal treatment in all instance of life.

His glorious poem collection Geetanjali is known for the remarkable poems it consists of which bring lives from different backgrounds together, his glorious collection still holds a great amount of weightage even in the twenty first century, and is equally popular in the western countries as well. It holds great value in the western countries as well and has become super famous worldwide. Devotion being its central theme attracts many readers and will always hold value over many other things. Devotion can bring many people together and can imbibed spiritual aspects within people.

Even his artworks like landscape, dancing woman and woman’s face brings the notion of unanimity amongst the people over his beautiful creations. His works have always been related to society and its different aspects. Be it gender studies or culture and influences that shape a society. His works always gave out a fruitful message to society.

Even our beautiful national anthem which we sing with pride filled in our hearts is a pulchritudinous anthem representing our diverse society and representing our sundry culture and its ways. The vivid combination of cultural and societal themes along with the words he combined and formed many exorbitant creations and gave society masterpieces to appreciate and ponder upon.