The book tells us the story of a young girl, Brida, who dives into sorcery and experiments with different magical traditions. 

The book is about exploring life, learning to connect with your truest self, finding one’s soul mate in this life and feeling complete.  The progression of the human soul, with all its elements (feelings, memories, experiences, people around us, thoughts, actions, choices) through time, is portrayed like a charcoal sketch – black and white, stark, with elements of the distinct unknown in various shades.

Whenever you have to find about something plunge right in!

This statement sums up the whole book. It has everything summed in one book, full of supernatural affects with a pinch of reality.  

The rituals and the steps, the Tradition of the Sun and the Moon, the four forms of expression of the self, and the ensuing epicenter of the book.  

The main character of this story – Brida – has been portrayed beautifully. Her internal conflicts, external temptations, fears, and joy are so beautifully penned that everyone can easily connect with the character.  The conflict within all of us to be with someone whom we have known since long, or to be with someone whom we have known for a lesser time but who touches our heart more, or to just leave everything and submit ourselves to a lone path with no partner is integral to this story.

 The book is a cocktail of multiple ingredients like witchcraft, religion, spirituality, magic, search for self, incarnation, soul mates, etc.  A story for the readers, inspiration for the believers and introspection for the thinkers. 

Happy Reading!

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