India reels from police brutality

Police brutality, ever since the death of George Floyd, the world had been reeling from the inhumane way police treat the “suspects”. Since then a number of protests have surged throughout the world regarding the brutality of police and thus moving to the broader spectrum of overall racism faced by the African-American community in America. While such a movement has done a lot of good, it has also spread a false sense of ease, projecting that such cases of the police brutalizing people is limited to America only. However, that is not the case, in countries such as India the problem is much larger and much more multi-faceted. Here the police do not target by race but by the Social status of a person, i.e. your monetary worth determines how the police treat you.

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People are often seen chanting the same old things such as know your rights, no one can arrest you without a warrant after such cases, however the problem is, that it isn’t the case of ground reality. Very often at the mere mention of their rights, the “alleged suspects” are beaten to an inch of their lives. Less than a month since the killing of George Floyd, another incident has the world reeling at the blatant lack of humanity within those who call themselves police. The case of P. Jeyraj and J. Fenix shows how these uniformed thugs terrorise the common folk. The cause of their arrest was an alleged violation of Covid-19 Curfew; however, several eyewitnesses deny to that as the arrest took place 30 mins before that. After the arrest of his father, Fenix reaches the station to inquire and is taken into custody. The father-son duo is beaten, nay brutalized by the police. They are tortured beyond imagination and after three days of constant torture the two succumb to their injuries. However, in order to cover up their crime the police file a hospital notice that the two allegedly fell and rolled over and had a subsequent hearth attack, however upon a closer look at the bodies by eyewitnesses that was no the case. The two had injuries throughout their bodies, their chest hair had been ripped out in tufts, their knees completely smashed by lathis, their faces pushed against the walls and blows rained upon their backsides and buttocks until they bled and ripped and subsequently the were stripped naked and thrown into jail. This is way to excessive just for a curfew break and just for this, the responsible police should have been sentenced to the maximum. However, this was not the case as the two were tortured way beyond this by someone who shouldn’t even be considered human. Their cries were heard throughout the time they were tortured. Behind the bars, where there are no CCTV cameras, these goons did their evil deed, they showed up iron tipped lathis or batons up their buttholes several times and their genitalia and backsides were completely ripped and mangled. Three times during the course of this torture, their blood-soaked clothes were sent back to their homes and fresh ones were demanded and then they would be sent back and so on. After a phony trial with a magistrate by the police, the two were taken back to custody and the torture upon their bodies and souls resumed. Two days after the phony trial the two were admitted into a hospital, and were pronounced dead due to heart failure and fever. This shows that even the medical practitioners hand out fake reports for the police. Since this issue came to light even after the blatant trying of Tamil Nadu police to cover it up, a mere two sub inspectors have been suspended and a few have been transferred. That seems like way below the bare minimum that the responsible authorities could do. To define how small the heinous crime’s punishment is, let us compare it to the sentencing of any given rapist. Nirbhaya case’s culprits dragged their cases for eight years. People arguing no matter how irrefutably inhumane their crime was they deserved the treatment of human beings. How is it that Indian society gives better treatment to bloody rapists than lower middleclass working people? How is it that even a terrorist is treated with better respect than a common folk. This wasn’t just a murder, this was a brutalizing work of psychopaths, who have no shred of human morality. No one should be treated like this, much less people who have “allegedly” committed such a small crime. We as a society must question ourselves that how can we progress further if we turn a blind eye to such events.

I feel that I speak about a vast majority of people who are going to see something like this, feel sad for about a minute or so and forget about it because it hasn’t happened to them. However, to them I say, you are even worse than these scums because the only one worse than someone who commits such a crime is someone who can act upon it but doesn’t.

India as a country has rotten to its core, rape, murder and now torture has become common place. In today’s India, Might makes Right. It is up to us, the future generation to change it, but by the looks of it we don’t have the ability to do so.