“Can Human’s Bear the Risk of Terminating Fossil Fuel Consumption?”

 Humans have been working for ages so as to find better food resources, water reserves, better places for shelter and many more.With times and hard work, everything has changed, man doesn’t need to move places in search of most of these resources which are the basic necessities in life. They are available with a minimum of efforts. Science and technologies have helped humans to find more comfort and facilities and thus has made life for most of the humans more easier. The industrial revolution brought humans to a different phase of life, by providing better jobs, product and resources to mankind. But these technologies and industry do require a better source of input to provide the best of their output as efficiency. Humans have been using most of the natural resources and reserves for ages like wood, coal petroleum, natural gas and many for so as to generate power as a fuel. The use of these natural resources and fossil fuels was a better option in earlier days when they were present in heavy amounts and their harms were also less.But as the time has passed, we see these resources getting faded away and also giving birth to various phenomena such as Global Warming and Climate Change. These changes have been recorded, and it’s side effects have been seen in various parts of the world, especially the polar areas, where most glaciers and ice mountains have just turned into liquid water. Many countries have been coming together to fight this problem and have been figuring out their best ways so as to make ourselves and our others better and safe from natural calamity due to these changes. 

So what can we do? The prior and the foremost action which clicks to stop our mind is to stop the consumption of fossil fuel and natural resources and rather shift to better and cleaner fuel, which are more sustainable and pure. But is that easy and how would it affect your life if we stop the usage of these natural resources today?

Possible Results could be:

  1. It seems to put a break in various activities around the world, since we use vehicles to travel , be it cars, trucks, ships or airplanes. All these run on liquid fuel which come from these natural resources.
  2.  Stopping the use would make our travel mostly impossible as we still fight to make most of the vehicle electric.
  3.  Also we do have electric cars, we won’t be able to use them as more than 66% of electricity is generated through burning coal, thus we wouldn’t be able to do so. 
  4. Also some of the countries do have natural power generation plants, but still many countries do lack this technology.
  5.  Most of our work won’t be possible as we would lack electricity to run our PC’s and charge our mobile phones
  6. Also this is more a cheap source of generating power, people have to invest much other money in buying and installing them also the installation and learning how to operate sustainable energy would also require skill, thus could take a while to do so. 
  7. Since carbon dioxide from vehicles and industries do get released in the air and is thus increasing the deterioration of our planet. Global warming and climate change are phenomena which are occurring and most of the resources which have been depleted cannot it be brought back.
  8.  Also many experts suggest that if we do stop the burning of these fossil fuels, it is still expected that earth will take time to recover as temperature will still grow due to trapped heat for several decades, thus increasing the temperature of our earth. 

The facts are really not great to visualize but are true this surely opens our eyes to stop the consumption and utilization of these natural resources so as to control its ill effects. It’s high time to invest money in both sustainable energy resources as well as skilled people to operate them so as to get rid of these fossil fuel consumption forever and shift to a better and purest form of our energy which could help us in future. It’s High time to come together not only for sake of humanity but for the sake of saving our coming generation for the sake of good times and for the sake of saving our planet.